IBM and Eclipse, who perfected who?

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Before contacting Eclipse, I've heard of IBM's WebSphere and used it from a trial version of the programmer's bound, but since I didn't focus on Java development at the time, it didn't work out after a simple look, and there was no further study.

Then came the eclipse, the Open Source development tool, a software that was so agile and so great that after a while, all the other Java development tools were dumped, because eclipse was so good. But one of the questions that I've always wondered about is the logo of IBM's copyright on the Eclipse Flash screen, and it was later learned that IBM has provided tens of millions of dollars in support of eclipse developers. Since he already has his own websphere as a Java development tool to support eclipse, is it suicide?

Later, I got the message that WebSphere was the basic Eclipse core plus more than 200 plug-ins, and I started to understand that IBM was working cheaply with Eclipse's best developers.

Until a few days ago, I took part in a new IBM launch, which introduced an integrated development environment that became RSA, which included a series of tools, from initial requirements analysis to schematic design to detailed design to coding to final testing and deployment, which could be said to be a behemoth. But the advantage is that once a company buys the product, it can get a development environment that is completely the same as the user interface, which not only makes it easy to transform the developer role, but chooses not to choose another company's product. It can be said that the product is intended to be a Java developer tool Terminator.

The more shocking thing happened, the core of this huge environment was the eclipse that IBM had been spending on, and it was leveraging Eclipse's flexible plug-in mechanism that made IBM look like a very good development environment!

We will always be concerned about the future of this integrated environment and believe there will be a large market. The easiest person to use this product in the future must be the original Eclipse developer.

It appears that, at the earliest, IBM invested in Eclipse, enabling it to survive and thrive, with IBM doing eclipse, and now that IBM has made its own big product out of Eclipse, with Eclipse being perfected by IBM.

The vision of IBM as one of the world's most famous companies is really admirable, and I was amazed at the Sun's support for Java, which made me feel the same way about IBM's strategy.

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