IBM ds4700 storage replacement controller battery

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The storage controller uses a battery to ensure that data in the cache can be written to the hard disk without being lost in the case of an unexpected power failure. Generally, the life of the storage battery is 3 years.

Today, the customer's ds4700 storage has replaced the battery. Here we record the replacement steps and precautions

Change Procedure:

  1. Use the SM software to log on to the ds4700 management interface. Pay attention to the connection method. The Management ports of ds4700 controllers must be connected, you can connect the management ports and laptops of the two controllers to one dummies switch to ping the default Management IP address.

Management Port
Default IP Address
Controller 1 Management Port 1
Controller 1 Management Port 2
Controller 2 Management Port 1
Controller 2 Management Port 2

2. Switch all arrays to Controller 1, offline controller 2, remove controller 2, replace the battery, insert it back to online, and reset the new battery. Sorry, this document does not exist. You can download it if you need to read it.



  1. Will the production Io be interrupted during switching?

    If you configure multi-path, Io will not be interrupted. If the multi-path configuration is incorrect or there is only one link, Io will be interrupted.

  2. After changing the battery, reset the battery to allow the Controller to recognize it again.

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