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1. What are the meanings of ThinkPad product no. "x, t, and R?
X-extreme portability is lightweight and portable, and is suitable for super mobile customers who are rarely in the office.
T-thin and light for travel combines performance and portability perfectly.
Senior mobile customers in the office.
R-reliable and affordable mobility are cost-effective and easy to use.

2. What is internal modular design?
ThinkPad reduces many unnecessary parts including screws, and all circuit cards are directly inserted into the motherboard With gold plating
Slot without wires, making disassembly and maintenance easier.

3. What is the waterproof keyboard of the IBM ThinkPad notebook?
You must be aware that the biggest enemy of electronic components is water and moisture. IBM has designed a brand new keyboard structure to make you
When you splash a small amount of liquid onto the keyboard, the liquid will not flow from the middle and edge to the machine motherboard, to the maximum extent
To ensure the security of your machine.

4. What is trackpoint?
Refers to the mouse control system in the center of the keyboard-the touch lever, the symbol of the IBM ThinkPad notebook, the current trackp
In addition to the ability to move the cursor, the oint can also be clicked or double-clicked with the left mouse button,
It can be described as "keyless mouse ".

5. What is thinklight?
This is a unique design of IBM, so that users can continue to use ThinkPad in environments with insufficient light.
Others. It can be enabled and disabled by using the shortcut key FN + pgup, which is useful in actual use.

6. Do all IBM laptops have thinklight keyboard lights?
In addition to r40e, the IBM notebook has no keyboard lights, and other series x31 X40 t41 t42 R50 R51 r50e have
Keyboard Light Design

7. What are the main reasons for the stable performance of IBM ThinkPad?
Outstanding design of the internal structure of the machine; good heat dissipation system; superior quality of the machine material; strict quality testing.

8. What are the specific manifestations of ThinkPad's sound heat dissipation technology?
Fast heat pipe; keyboard air convection heat dissipation; intelligent temperature control CPU fan; metal conductor heat dissipation; External port radiation
Heat dissipation.

9. What are the minimum types and quantity of screws used in ThinkPad design?
Use less screw design to increase machine stability; less parts, less screws, more concise; more conducive to manufacturing
Manufacturing; more conducive to maintenance.

10. Is there a serial (COM) interface for the laptop currently produced by IBM? Why?
No. The serial port is an industrial control interface. The current PC is mainly used for household and commercial use. IBM provides port Replication
Server and docking station to address these special industrial control needs.

11. Why are two screen locks used in the IBM ThinkPad notebook?
Because when a user accidentally drops his laptop to the ground,
Liquid Crystal is very prone to fragmentation. While IBM has designed two screen locks to maximize the protection of the IBM ThinkPad notebook
LCD screen of the computer.

12. Why does the fan on my IBM ThinkPad laptop sometimes turn around?
Because the IBM ThinkPad laptop uses the industry-leading temperature control Fan Design, when the CPU temperature reaches a certain level
Power-on work only when the value is used, which achieves good heat dissipation and solves power consumption during battery power supply.
Too many problems, and the use of time is shortened.

13. What does IBM's single-key enabling mean?
IBM has investigated that users often encounter idle hands when opening the screen cover of a notebook,
So IBM has designed a single-key enabled device on the new t41 machine, but it still uses two consistent buckles
The closed design enables the IBM ThinkPad notebook to provide users with a simple usage while still providing * Security

14. What does IBM's unique border design mean?
You must know that the most expensive part of a laptop is its LCD. It occupies 30% ~ 60% cost
But at the same time, it is also the most fragile part, which is very easy to break, so IBM has designed a unique liquid with a border
Crystal design, which enables the pressure to be transferred to the bottom of the border when the notebook is under pressure or impact.
Liquid Crystal is under heavy pressure, resulting in crushing.
When the laptop is closed, the border is closely integrated with the base, even if it falls accidentally, it will not be separated and cause Liquid
Crystal damage.

15. What are the chassis materials of various system products of ThinkPad?
R series are high density carbon fiber materials; X and t use Titanium Composites and magnesium alloys composites.

16. What are the advantages of the legendary IBM ThinkPad keyboard?
Full-size keyboard; 2) Seven-row key layout; 3) shortcut key and help key settings; 4) key-to-19mm; 5) Key
Deep 1.8-2.5; 6) palm rest designed for Ergonomics; 7) waterproof keyboard design; 8) multiple years of use of keyboard Printing
No fading; 9) Unique thinklight for keyboard lighting; 10) Easy-to-use ultranav dual fixed-point device; 11) Key
The custom software keyboard mimizer utility supports multiple personalized settings.

17. What types of password protection does the ThinkPad BIOS provide? What are the differences?
The bios of ThinkPad provides the power-on password and hard-disk password.
), Supervision password for your use.

18. What is the significance of the IBM ThinkPad laptop's adjustable LCD screen brightness?
This improves the comfort of the user's eyes and makes it difficult to get tired (adjust the screen brightness based on ambient light ).
The service life of the LCD can be appropriately prolonged, and a long period of high brightness can shorten the service life of the LCD screen.
The battery time of the laptop can be appropriately extended (LCD is a cost-effective device in the laptop ).

19. How can I add a windows shortcut to my ThinkPad laptop?
Use the keyboard mimizer utility software in the access IBM Program Group to set a key, such as the left side
The "Alt" key is the windows shortcut key.

20. What is the standard optical drive used by ThinkPad R50/R51 and t41/t42?
R50/R51-Ultrabay enhanced; t41/T42-Ultrabay slim.

21. What is the ultranav dual-pointing system? Why use ultranav on an IBM ThinkPad laptop?
Dual guidance system?
The ultranav dual-pointing system refers to the trackpoint touch lever and touch on the keyboard of the IBM ThinkPad laptop.
Pad touchpad. Since the birth of a laptop, the most popular mouse control system is the touch lever and touchpad.
Type. Then, IBM ThinkPad combines these two structures to maximize the user's usage habits,
Reduces the user's initial use threshold, reflecting the ease of use of IBM ThinkPad.

22. What are the highlights of the LCD screen of a laptop?
As we all know, the LCD of laptops is composed of hundreds of thousands of very small luminous bodies, which are produced in batch in the industry.
It is very likely that some damage occurs, resulting in the luminous body does not emit light (dark point) or do not change color (blue point, red point
And so on.
Various manufacturers have specific provisions on the above situation, the size of the LCD appear several highlights are reasonable range.

23. What kind of trackpoint Red Hat design does the IBM ThinkPad laptop have?
There are three types of caps: Classic caps, edge caps, and bubble caps. They are used by different users separately.

24. I heard that the IBM ThinkPad laptop has a magnifier, right?
Yes, this function is mainly designed to enlarge the local area during the screen demonstration. It can be achieved through the FN + Space key shortcut

25. Why does the IBM ThinkPad notebook only have black and no other colors?
Sorry, this is indeed a feature of the IBM brand, which is a positioning of the company's own brand,
And after years of feedback on user visits, Black stands for solemn and permanent meaning, and black never ends.
Is it a popular color!

26. What is the FN key on the IBM keyboard?
It is a very powerful combination of function keys, such:
FN + F3: Turn off the LCD screen display, standby mode (standby), move the mouse or press any key to remove. Some machines
Type press FN + F3 cannot close the screen
FN + F4: enables the machine to be suspended. In suspend mode, all tasks are stopped and saved
In memory, all devices except the memory are stopped. Press the FN key for more than one second.
FN + F5: Search for Wireless Networks
FN + F7 switching shows the output status (LCD, external, or at the same time), which is a cyclic conversion process.
FN + F12: enables the machine to enter sleep state, Hibernate mode (sleep), all tasks are stopped, and the memory
And the current status is saved to the hard disk, and the system shuts down.
FN + pgup: enable or disable the keyboard light
FN + home/end: increase/decrease the screen brightness. There are seven levels in total.

27. Why use FN + F3 to disable LCD screen display?
You can choose this feature when you don't want others to see what is on your screen or want to make battery use longer.

28. What does it mean to bring the machine into the suspended state?
When you temporarily leave the machine, but do not want to use the shutdown method, you can choose to suspend to save battery power.
This function disables all devices that do not have to be enabled. Such as LCD, hard disk, and only CPO Power Supply
Maintain the power-on status. When used again, press the FN key to wake up.

29. What is the difference between sleep status and suspension?
Suspension is a power-saving mode. The system stops external devices, such as hard disks and monitors, while the CPU and memory are still
However, work, wait for the user to wake up at any time, and then wake up the FN key on the keyboard several times.
Physical sleep is a more power-saving mode. It stores data in the memory in the hard disk so that the CPU stops working.
You need to press the shut-down key for the next usage, and the machine will be restored to the state when you perform sleep, instead of starting again w
Indows is a complex process.

30. What is the significance of adjusting the screen brightness?
There are three points:
It can protect users' eyesight. When the ambient light is dark, the light is brightened and the ambient light is dimmed.
The service life of liquid crystal can be longer, and the high brightness will shorten the service life.
It can make the machine more energy-saving, longer use time, high brightness will increase the use of power.

31. Why is touchpad interfering with trackpoint?
You are right. This is indeed a situation many users encounter. IBM has a corresponding solution. You can click Start →
Program → access IBM → ultranav wizard can close the touchpad in the lower part.

32. Why does some ThinkPad laptops (such as T41-GEC) not support Intel?
Because they are not using Intel's 802.11b wireless network adapter, they do not meet the requirements of intel
Condition. (They use the IBM 802.11a/B/g tri-band wireless network card)

33. Now many IBM ThinkPad machines are equipped with Bluetooth technology. What are the main applications of Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a wireless protocol standard that allows Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect wirelessly within a 10 m radius.
And data exchange, such as mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, printers, and other Bluetooth-enabled handheld devices

34. Why is the wireless antenna of the IBM ThinkPad notebook designed in the LCD border?
Because you must know that all wireless devices should place antennas at the high end and try to be perpendicular to the ground. Example
Such as mobile phones. So IBM put the transmit antenna of the wireless network card (802.11b) in the LCD frame, which fits well
These two points of view.

35. What is the perfect after-sales service system for IBM ThinkPad laptops?
Many models of the IBM ThinkPad notebook can be provided with three-year component warranty (conditional) and one-year on-site.
Service. All of these after-sales services are provided by blue Express. Blue express not only has excellent technical practices
And comprehensive management and response capabilities. At the same time, it also has service outlets in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across the country.
A simple analogy is that "as long as the railway can arrive, there will be blue express's high-quality services ".

36. When your ThinkPad laptop or ThinkCentre desktop fails, you can use
How can I get help?
The computer dealer who purchased the device; 2) the IBM ThinkPad experience center for the device; 3) the hotline 800-8
10-1818; 4) IBM website Blue Station

37. What authentication devices can be used by the IBM embedded security subsystem?
Targus Fingerprint device; sensor badge device; smart card.

38. What is the IBM embedded security subsystem?
The IBM embedded security subsystem consists of two parts: hardware and software: the security chip embedded into the motherboard and
Security software downloaded from the website.
ThinkPad integrates a unique embedded security chip to solve security problems on the hardware level. Security chip implanted
It is used inside the motherboard to store and run passwords and related information dedicated to data and program protection.
The IBM Embedded Security Subsystem helps you encrypt files and folders, securely log on to and manage passwords, and
Help customers implement email encryption and enhance the encryption of wireless transmission.

39. Where is the security of the IBM ThinkPad notebook?
Many models of the IBM ThinkPad notebook have built-in security chips on the notebook motherboard.
Download the corresponding supporting software (free of charge) on the website and install it. It can realize the advantages of both hardware and software and make up for each other.
To enable the laptop to access files and folders in the wireless application environment or in the internal LAN environment.
At the same time, the IBM ThinkPad notebook is pre-installed with the data backup and recovery software (rru) at the factory, enabling the user's hard disk
Important data is properly protected to the greatest extent possible.

40. What is the abbreviation of the hard disk dynamic protection system? What is the full name?
APS, active protection system.

41. Which IBM random application software can set, save, and switch configurations of different network environments at any time?
IBM Access connections.

42. IBM ThinkPad laptop P-M 1.6g clock speed, how to look at the machine is P-M 800m
Clock speed?
Because the Intel CPU used by the IBM ThinkPad laptop contains a new technology called intel stepspeed
It will set the CPU operating frequency according to the usage environment of the laptop, when using the battery power supply is low
This can reduce the CPU power consumption and prolong the battery time.

43. What is the "access IBM" key on the IBM Keyboard used?
When the notebook is enabled, press the "Access IBM" key when the IBM icon appears to enter the BIOS. Modify BIOS settings and
Restore the system.
After logging on to Windows, press the "Access IBM" key to access the "Access IBM" application.
This is equivalent to a very detailed instruction manual that allows you to learn more about the structure and usage of the IBM ThinkPad notebook.
Usage, how to upgrade, etc.

44. Why cannot I use the IBM ThinkPad laptop in actual use time?
Because users have many different usage habits, use environments, and use methods, the promotion of color pages and other data is in a line
Industry Standard, and if the screen is very bright, when processing large data, the hard disk
Non-stop work, long typing and keyboard usage may lead to shorter use time.

45. What does the hard disk shockproof of the IBM ThinkPad notebook mean?
The hardware is valuable, and your valuable data is priceless.
The following design of the shockproof cushion, hard disk and motherboard interface also designed a spring buffer device, so that your pen
Note that the hardware will not be damaged to the maximum extent even when the notebook is under severe collision.

46. What is the ease of use of IBM ThinkPad laptops?
The IBM ThinkPad notebook comes pre-installed with many practical and easy-to-use tool software. For example:
? Access IBM (takes you to the host with information and tools)
? Battery maximiser wizard (managing battery devices)
? Easyeject utility (disconnect the connected device for disassembly)
? IBM Access connections (easy to switch connection settings)
? Presentation Director (adjust video device (including projector) settings)
? ThinkPad configuration (view or change the location of the device detected by Windows)
? ThinkPad software Installer (view or change the software installation status)
? Ultranav wizard (random pointing device settings)
? IBM rapid restore ultra (quick backup and recovery software)

47. What is the advantage of the wireless solution of the IBM ThinkPad notebook?
Many models of the IBM ThinkPad notebook have built-in wireless network card antennas (inside the border of the LCD screen ),
At the same time, even if there is no wireless network adapter (802.11b) and Bluetooth Technology (Bluetooth) models, it can be very convenient
To have a wireless network card (802.11b) and Bluetooth Technology (Bluetooth) models.
On the other hand, many models of the IBM ThinkPad notebook can achieve 5-9 hours of standby time (some models
Accessory support is required ). This makes it easier and easier for users to use wireless environments.

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