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Content management is becoming more and more important in business. The ability to manage and deliver content quickly and efficiently is key to success for businesses competing on an on-demand service environment. Web content is playing an increasingly important role in the enterprise as more and more information is available on the Internet and on the corporate intranet. Life-cycle management of WEB content includes creation, publishing, storage, search/retrieval, access control, and content integration. The IBM Content Management products Solution--IBM Workplace Web content Management and DB2 content manager--, described in this article, can meet the requirements of enterprise Web contents management.

IBM Workplace Web Content Management is an important part of the IBM Workplace product family, from the initial creation to the final Web presentation, to help you manage your company's content throughout. It provides a sophisticated content management system for WEB sites for non-technical and technical users. This article demonstrates how to combine the Workplace Web content Management and DB2 content Manager to provide a unified enterprise Web contents Management system. The system consists of two major parts: storing Workplace Web content Management data in DB2 content Manager through Workplace content man in Web content Management Ager publishes native content and metadata. This article assumes that you are familiar with Workplace Web content Management and DB2 content Manager.

By default, the Web Content management environment stores data files in the file system. Unlike file systems, DB2 content Manager uses powerful relational databases to provide index retrieval, security, and fine-grained access control at the level of individual content entries. Therefore, you can extend the functionality of the Workplace WEB content Management to include some out-of-the-box features of DB2 content Manager, such as:

A database is used for all enterprise content.

A scalable enterprise content repository.

Error recovery is implemented using Resource Manager replication.

Rich data patterns.

A powerful and open API.

By publishing native content and metadata from DB2 content Manager in the Workplace Web content Management, users can use a single window to retrieve various types of enterprise WEB content, thereby increasing the return on investment in both products.

This article provides a brief introduction to the integration of IBM Workplace Web content Management and DB2 content Manager. The focus is on the configuration of the two systems and an example illustrating the Workplace Web content Management and DB2 content Manager's combined usage. For more information about integrating two systems, see IBM Redbook redbook Lotus Workplace Web Content Management and content Manager Working together for LWWCM Ja VA Edition V2 and CM V8 only ".

IBM Content Management Products

IBM Workplace Web Content Management is a web-based, multi-user editing environment tool that enables customers to create dynamic Web sites quickly and efficiently from the initial creation to the final Web presentation. The Workplace Web content Management provides a sophisticated site management system for all users.

The DB2 Content Manager is an industry-intensive management system that captures, processes, and stores a large amount of information from paper and can also be used to enrich media management. In the most recent release, Content Manager has become a highly scalable repository for virtually all types of digital content, including web-based content based on HTML and XML, document pictures, electronic Office documents, and multimedia, such as digital video and audio.

There are two kinds of objects in the Workplace Web content Management content stored in DB2 content Manager. A binary object (such as a site, content, component, and so on) that has only ajpedata items, and the other is a binaries object (including file components and picture components) that have ajperesources items and RM objects. A detailed discussion of these item types is beyond the scope of this article, but you should know how the data is stored.

For more information about the concepts and features of Workplace Web content Management and DB2 content Manager, see developerWorks article "IBM LWWCM Concepts and feature S with IBM DB2 CM as a repository ".

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