Iclap sharing: How to implement the test gracefully in the APP?

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Development team often face the problem is: Test the APP when a bunch of bugs wrote a lot of documents, handed to the next person in the hands of the problem is always not clear; Version release beta can only distribute the native version to the team and users, unable to quickly feedback test and experience results; using third-party tools, Privacy is easy to disclose when solving product execution issues on third-party platforms.

The existing collaboration tools on the market are IM-centric, employee CRM Management or team task collaboration, and there is no product-centric management tool. Iclap is a tool that helps developers quickly manage tests in the APP development bandwagon.

Iclap's solution is to let you annotate and test in the APP.

Developers can choose to embed the SDK provided by Iclap in their own app for management, or upload the app content pack to the Iclap account and download the Iclap app for management. Using the latter approach, multiple apps can be managed simultaneously.

After the app is embedded in the iclap, an optional hover button appears at the interface, which you can click to view the function. Iclap's core features include annotations, task assignments, and apps
Collaboration. The person who participates in the collaboration can annotate in the APP, click "Comment", the interface becomes gray, click anywhere can annotate, ICLAP support speech, text, picture three kinds of annotation way.

After annotating, you can assign the task directly to a whole group of members or to a person, and annotate the time and urgency of the resolution. In smart annotations, developers can use voice to assign tasks directly to members.

Each developer can view the task list in his or her own interface, and you can see clearly the bug screenshots, comments, and important information such as the phone model and carrier used by the bug submitter.

Other basic features offered by ICLAP include project management, package storage, historical versioning, security assessments, and IM conversations. In addition, Iclap imported devstore information, material information and so on to provide a channel for the developer to learn. (Iclap was developed by Shenzhen Devstore original team. )

At present, Iclap is free for most of the users, and there is also a premium version for fees. The flagship edition will have a professional implementation of the server's private deployment, all data, documentation, all stored in their own servers, improve the security level.

Iclap Online in September this year, is currently in the trial phase, the official website provides the entrance to apply for trial.

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