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On some computer icon downloads site, we often see a lot of icon production material, even the finished icon, if we want to use these ready-made icons, and must download them to their computers to use. The IconWorkshop icon maker software can "move" the icons on these pages directly, and learn how to create new icons from web images.

Icon making software official IconWorkshop download address: http://www.iconworkshop.cn/xiazai.html

First step: Enter the URL in the IconWorkshop. Open the Axialis iconworkshop icon to make the software main interface and copy the complete Internet address with the web icon into the "Recently used" input field;

(Figure 1)

Step Two: Open the Web page in IconWorkshop. Press the "Enter" button on your computer's keyboard, and the relevant web page will be opened in the main interface of the Axialis iconworkshop icon making software, as shown below:

(Figure 2)

Step three: In IconWorkshop, open the icon on the Web page. If I'm happy with the second icon in the first row of the page, how do I open the icon in IconWorkshop?

It's really simple-move the mouse over this diagram, press and hold the left mouse button, drag the diagram to the Recently used toolbar (a cross pointer appears under the mouse pointer), and then release the left mouse button after the image is dragged to the toolbar. Web images on Web pages are successfully opened within the IconWorkshop icon production software:

(Figure 3)

Step Fourth: Create a new icon from this image.

To create a new Windows icon, click

(new Windows icon from image); To create a new Macintosh icon, click

(new Macintosh icon from image). In the subsequent icon making window, modify the project name, icon color, pixel size, and finally click OK.

Fifth step: Edit the Web page icon. We can use Axialis iconworkshop to the right of various drawing tools to change the appearance of the icon, color, and so on, can also change its pixel, size, add text, etc., specific methods Axialis iconworkshop icon production Software official website has detailed introduction.

(Figure 6)

Sixth step: Save the icon. Click "File"-"Save/Saved as" to save the completed icon as an icon in the ICO/ICNS format.

Through the above six steps, the Web page image successfully becomes the user's desired icon file. How do you learn how to create a new icon from a Web image? IconWorkshop Such an icon production software can make the system icon to become more time-saving and more convenient!

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