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Try out the many Golang Ides and finally find out that IntelliJ is doing the highest degree of completion

Eclipse GO is not able to jump through packages, classes, methods, and so on, which is intolerable, so switch decisively to IntelliJ.

But found in IntelliJ inside can't import the $GOPATH package under SRC, online search for a long time, here find a solution:

   looking through the source, it seems that the plugin doesn ' t use t He $GOPATH (to is fair, I think earlier Go docs didn ' t make the distinction between using $GOPATH and $GOROOT quite as CLE Ar as they do now). In setting up the plugin you have to 1.) Create symlinks for any of the imported package directories in your $GOPATH: A. $GOROOT/src/pkg/, $GOPATH/src E X. From within $GOROOT/src/pkg, ln-s $GOPATH/src/ B. $GOROOT/pkg/target/$GOPATH/pkg/target/ex. fr Om within $GOROOT/pkg/darwin_amd64, Ln-s $GOPATH/pkg/darwin_amd64/ You must set up a source directory when creating the project (however, it can is an empty string, which'll then cause th E Wizard to prompt the It would set the project root as the source directory)   

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