Idea of using zeromq to develop distributed cloud computing applications

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I recently encountered a setback when developing an IM server. I wanted to use ACE as the network communication library at the beginning, but after learning for a long time, I learned more and more confused!
So I switched to libevent, and the results won't be compiled and used. It's really not broken! I had to rely on boost ASIO, but ASIO was much simpler. After compilation, I wrote several codes. It felt very good. It was really good!
However, when I want to implement asynchronous multi-thread communication under ASIO, I am stuck again and will not create a working thread to process time-consuming operations! Ah... cainiao is a cainiao!
But it doesn't matter. Brother is the more frustrated and brave, so after several times of Google, he finally found zeromq. Yes, it's zeromq, the fastest message queue in history! Zeromq is easy to use and suitable for developing distributed cluster applications! It is a pity that this message queue is not compatible with the existing TCP/UDP communication protocols, because it is another communication protocol implemented on these protocols! Zeromq Hello World this is a Chinese translation article. Thank you very much for his translation. Otherwise, I will continue to engage in ASIO NLP (discuss network programming technologies such as zeromq/ASIO) now there are many people in this group.

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