[Idea source code] sharing of several creative source code works and source code works

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[Idea source code] sharing of several creative source code works and source code works
1. Cloud album (Author: Steven) This project is a cloud album that supports registration and login based on face recognition and sharing. The login module adopts two login modes: Face ++-Based Face Recognition login and Bmob-based account and password login. Comprehensive Comment: This project provides a wide range of services, including MIIT voice messaging, Face ++ Face recognition, ShareSDK sharing, and Afinal asynchronous loading of images and Bmob databases. The overall interface shows the welcome page and boot page. However, the registration interface is relatively simple, and the user name registration and face registration are not separated. This feature enables face login, Image Upload, and sharing without significant bugs, but it consumes traffic. 2. Voice weather (Author: azong) This project allows users to search cities by voice, switch between cities, and dynamically obtain weather conditions. Comments: This project uses the APIs of www.weather.com, PM2.5API, and Tencent voice SDK. The interface is quite beautiful, but there are no welcome pages or boot pages, which are quite straightforward. It can be used to search cities by voice, dynamically obtain city weather information, and provide weather information for 7 days. However, Pm2.5 values in remote areas cannot be obtained. In addition, because the weather interface used is the old data interface, the APP data acquisition is unstable. 3. Finding someone on a map (Author: xiaoxm) This project supports uploading your own location. Users can upload location and personal information to the Bmob cloud database and add location annotation points on the map, then, you can click the tag to view your personal information at this location. You can also use ShareSDk to share your local location information. Comments: This project stores the uploaded location in cloud storage, searches for the database while loading the map, finds the data, and then adds the annotation to the map. The interface is common, but the function is quite good. In addition, the asynchronous thread execution method is quite good, but it is better to optimize the memory processing when loading and releasing pages. By uploading your own geographic location, you can view the information based on the geographic location and find someone. This method is quite novel. 4. In the face-watching era, you can see that this project is more entertaining by looking at the name of the facial age (Author: devandroidaa. You can take a photo or select a photo of yourself or a friend from a local image library, analyze the age and gender, and share the analysis results and photos on the map, other users can also see the photos you shared and the age you tested. Comments: This project uses the APIS provided by the Face ++ official website. The interface is concise, but there is no welcome page or boot page. This feature allows you to take a photo to identify the age, upload a local image to identify the age, and share and locate images. There are no obvious bugs, but the age recognition is not too accurate. In addition, the use of built-in beautification tools on the mobile phone will affect the identification. 5. Intelligent chat (Author: Purple ocean) this project is an intelligent chatbot that uses the Turing open interface to implement speech interaction between robots. Comments: This project is a smart chat tool developed by the Turing API and the Tencent voice SDK. The interface is relatively simple, with a welcome page but no boot page. It can basically implement intelligent chat between people and machines without obvious bugs. However, voice latency may occur in poor network conditions. If you want to implement more powerful functions, you still need to do your homework.

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