Idea startup springboot+jsp project appears 404

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Scene: With IntelliJ idea launch Springboot project Access appeared 404, very skin, because I use eclipse development is normal, look for a long time, what add comment off <scope>provided</scope> And nothing to use, I think is the idea when the start, directly open the project, start without the project structure is not correct, so, only need two steps,

1. This third step, the Web. XML is automatically generated, need a second step to add, if not yet appear can, wait to see again, maybe generate full also not necessarily, or build one yourself can, 2. And then the second big step, In the run panel there is a run configuration, point to open, point project Settings working directory work path, $MODEULE _dir$ point ... Can choose, do not know the other meaning, above is I in other blog summed up, only these two steps with the use of the line.

If none of the above I do not know why, perhaps only with the command to start, so it can not debug, but there is certainly a way, idea since is the best one development tool can certainly be, but the method is useless. So look slowly,

Idea startup springboot+jsp project appears 404

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