Idea usage record--Every time you modify a JS file, you need to restart the "want" method to take effect

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The idea has recently been used, and some places are indeed more convenient than eclipse. But I found that every time the project modified JS or JSP page, and did not take effect, each modification will need to restart Tomcat this is indeed inconvenient. I think there must be a way to set up the idea that there is no such inconvenient function to exist.

It needs to be in Tomcat's settings:

On ' Update ' action: Update shortcut when user actively executes update: Ctrl + F9

On frame deactication: Update when the editing window loses focus

You can set it according to your needs, and I have both settings here.

If you do not have an update classes and resources option in your project, then please look down, as I am starting to do so, in which case you can update only the changes in the classes file, and you cannot update the changes in the static file.

This option occurs because you are using the deployment option to make the project a war package and then run it.

How to modify:

Remove the current project, add again, add the time to choose Artiface

Then select the option with exploded after the project name


Select PostScript to fill in application context

Then change to: Update classes and resources in server

___:war exploded
Expand Deployment (the equivalent of deploying a resource file after it is expanded)
Release mode, which is first fought into a war package, then deployed

Idea usage record--Every time you modify a JS file, you need to restart the "want" method to take effect

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