Identify network failures via router LEDs

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Routers in the network environment is a very important device, when the network problems, will be in the Internet Café router led on a variety of prompts, like when people's body problems, there will always be some potential indicative representation, how to judge the fault by the router led?

1,system lamp: System initialization lamp, normal words should be shiny, if it is out, it indicates that the wireless router failed to initialize properly, can check WAN line or reboot power or unplug the power Plug and plug, until the normal shine.

2,ready Light: Should be normal shiny, is transmitting data, if long light, it means that a lot of data is being transmitted.

3,data lamp: Usually lights out, there is uplink data transmission when the lights flashing.

4,wlan lamp: Light out indicates that the wireless feature is not properly enabled and can be viewed in the wireless Router configuration page to see if WLAN functionality is turned on.

5,lan lamp: Show modem and wireless router connection is normal, if not bright, check the network cable between Adslmodem and wireless router is a problem.

6,link Light: The Internet café Router led off indicates that the port is not connected to the network card or switch equipment, or connected cables and equipment problems, if you are using wired + wireless hybrid network can be focused on these checks.

7,link Lamp: Display modem synchronization, often bright green light means that the modem and the ISP can be normal synchronization, red or light off means that there is no synchronization, flashing green light indicates that synchronization is being established.

8,ADSL Power Light: The supply shows that the normal should be long light, does not light indicates no power, check the power supply is plugged in or its AC power transformer failure.

When the Internet café router failure, you can use the Control Panel led status to determine where the fault occurred. The control lamp is the symbol of the router's latent nature. All the above conditions to know how to discriminate, I hope to help you.

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