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This week, I officially went to sichuang for an internship. I really experienced the taste of my work. There are some differences between my work in the company and how much I would like to improve my work. Since we have experienced hard training in the advanced training, we can basically adapt to the company, and there is a little sense of satisfaction, the work is not so good.

The working atmosphere in the company is still quite good. Everyone is busy with their own tasks and working overtime almost every day. But no one complains. Everyone is trying to enrich themselves as much as possible, this may be related to the company culture. Our job is to better arm ourselves, to make a better life, and to find a correct position for our own life.

In our advanced courses, we all adopt learning. This is especially true in our work. You may have a previous understanding of a certain knowledge, but now you need to use it in a short time, so your learning ability will be reflected at this moment. You don't have time to deduct it step by step or a little bit, to understand it as soon as possible, you must understand its principles, understand its calling process, and then build a form for it based on the outlines of the original knowledge.

In our company, you will understand how important English is. No one will tell you how to learn English, but everyone will learn English well. Because you are not only dealing with English code, but also about the English operating system, English documents, and English. All the materials are in full English, you will know how important English is in a big company !!! Now I have to read English documents every day. Fortunately, with the help of filenet learning, I still feel that I can read English documents, but I still need to work hard.

Life in a company is similar to life in a higher education class. If there is a difference, you need to better understand what you want to do and what you want to do in a company, how much can you contribute to the company? Can your efforts be appreciated by company leaders? How can you quickly adapt yourself to a new life and plan your spare time, you must learn to be independent. You are part of society.

In the company, almost everyone has their own positioning. I think they certainly have their own positioning in their lives. One person, no matter how you are now, it is important that you have a good plan to put your life on your own track. In this way, it will not be derailed in a long journey.

I learned a lot from my company for two days, but the knowledge is similar to what I learned in principle, this makes learning easier. The world will not change!

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