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As one of the most important component improvements in Windows Vista, IE 7.0 has a significant increase in both functionality and security relative to IE 6, and for users who are not accustomed to Firefox, the fast setting of IE 7 can greatly improve the efficiency of web browsing and save valuable browsing and querying time.

To this end, we have organized IE 7.0 of the common keyboard, mouse shortcuts, hoping to vista/xp version of IE 7.0 users to provide some help.

Vista Trial Platform:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6300

GeIL ddr2-800 1gbx2

MSI 1950XT

Vista version: RTM 30-day Beta

Tag Browsing Shortcuts:

Middle mouse Click Link--new tab in the background to open the link

middle mouse button Click Tag--Close the tab page

Double-click the Blank tab Bar--Open new tab

CTRL + Left click on link--open link in background new tab

Ctrl+shift+ left-click on the new tab in the front page to open the link

ctrl+t--Open a new blank label page

ctrl+tab--in tab pages

ctrl+w--Close Current tab page

CTRL + N (between 1 and 8)--Switch to nth label

ctrl+9--switch to the Last tab page

ctrl+alt+f4--Close all other tab pages

ctrl+q--into Quick Tag Preview mode

Page Scaling:

CTRL + "+"--enlarge (10% per time)

CTRL + "-"--Zoom Out (10% per time)

ctrl+0--Original Size

CTRL + Mouse wheel-Adjust zoom


ctrl+e--into the Search Toolbar

Press ALT individually to show IE classic menu-This will greatly facilitate users who are not accustomed to IE 7.0 hidden menus

alt+enter--Full Screen/Cancel full screen (especially when you open screenshots software, avoid F11 shortcut key conflict)

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