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In order to make users more secure use of IE browser, Microsoft's official website in China and Rising jointly launched a special version of the IE8 browser rising. At that time, when the first saw the news, the rising will be like 360 security guards to launch their own security browser, after all, now many manufacturers have dabbled in the field of browsers. And rising most of the domestic most famous security software manufacturers, fully have the strength to develop their own exclusive browser, so it is not unusual to enter the field of browser. However, to learn more about this rising special version of the IE8 browser, found that this browser is not known as a "new browser", it is only on the basis of IE8 browser added more practical plug-ins, so as to further enhance the Internet Explorer and operating system safety factor. Below we will give you a brief introduction of rising IE8 installation, new features and practical skills.

Function article:

1, fast subscription rising security information, if you are a security up to people, the latest Trojan virus, 0day vulnerability, network crime information is very concerned about, subscribe, you can get the authoritative prompt from rising;

Subscribe to security information

2, rising visual search, the original IE8 in the interface in the upper right corner of a search function, the default is Baidu, rising IE8 and the original search is basically the same, but for Trojan virus, that is, when you find unknown process, directly in the search there enter the process name, Then you can find out the details of the process, in the end is not the virus, the source of the process, manufacturers information, etc. can be seen immediately.

Visual Search

3, virus real-time query, when the Internet, if you see the latest virus, want to know the specific information, through the rising IE8 "rising accelerator" can be directly searched.

Search for new viruses

Installation article:

1, did not install IE8 friend directly download rising IE8 installation package to install.

XP System user download: Http://

Vista User download: Http://

2, has installed the original IE8 comrade, with IE open, this site, click on the right side of the "Installation of virus query Accelerator" and "Installation of rising visual search"

Install the virus query accelerator

Use article:

1, after the installation of IE in the upper right will appear in the image below the icon;

IE top right corner icon

2, click on this icon, you can subscribe to the information you want to see, there are currently 5 categories: news, security dynamics, protective techniques, etc.;

Subscription information

3, suspicious process inquiries, using the rising visual search this function, in the browser right corner of the search location, click on the right side of the triangle, and then select the Lion Rising this item, in the Search box, enter the process name can be searched. If you want to use this function as the default search, click on the management search provider below, set the rising search to default.

Visual Search

File statistics

4, virus name query, when looking at the Web page, if you see some do not know what the virus, through the rising accelerator can directly find the specific information of the virus. Select the name of the virus in the Web page, click Next to appear in all accelerators selected rising accelerator can be found. If you want to set the rising accelerator by default, it is the same as the above method.

View virus Information

Do you pay attention to the security of IE browser? In fact, most of the security problems of IE browser began in IE6, it will become the past, the current world of IE giants are announced to give up IE6 support. If you are using the IE6 browser, then you can try this rising special version of the IE8 browser, so that your computer has better security.

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