IE8 Web page loading speed slows down how to do?

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Failure phenomenon:

When you open a Web page or a new tab, you are stuck in the "connect to ..." phase until a few seconds before the page content starts loading. Performance can deteriorate over time.

Reason Analysis:

Like the Windows system slows down due to redundant registry entries and startup programs, IE can slow down because of unnecessary add-ons, extra tools, and so on.


If you have a problem with this, try the following workaround:

Disable suspicious toolbars and extensions.

On the toolbar, click Tools, and select Manage Add-ins.

(If the toolbar is not visible, you can press the key combination "alt+t" to pull it out)

After you open the Manage Add-ins window, under Add-in type, select toolbars and extensions. Then pull the slider to the right and at the end of each add-in we can see the time it takes to load. As shown in the following illustration:

See which items are more time-consuming.

Generally speaking, time is normal in 1 seconds. If it is longer, you should consider disabling it.

If you want to disable an add-in, click Select First, then right-click and select Disable.

[PS: There may be alumni asked, which add-ons can be disabled? Does it affect the normal work of IE?

To answer this question, first select the currently loaded add-in from the Display Drop-down box on the left side of the admin add-in window. After that, all add-ons listed on the right (IE 8 prerequisite add-ons do not appear in this column) can be disabled. Again, after disabling, even if some add-ons are needed in the future, can we turn it on again? ]

Disable the Extra Accelerator tool.

In addition to disabling time-consuming add-ons, you can also increase the speed of Web page loading by removing unwanted accelerators.

On the left side of the admin add-in window, under Add-in type, select Accelerator. Right window after listing specific items, select items that you don't want, right-click, and select Disable or delete.

That's basically it. About IE 8 Web page loading slow problem, the most important or some third-party add-ins caused by, to dispose of their speed naturally faster.

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