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A major improvement in IE9 's design is to downplay itself, highlighting the Web page. Hiding and simplifying many of the previous interface elements, trying to make users ignore their own existence, and concentrate on experiencing the beauty of the network. In addition to the concept embodied in the visual aspect, but also reflected in the auditory aspects: in IE9, the default to cancel the browser's own navigation sound, only play the Web page for users to provide music!

In this way, when we click on the link in the IE9, we will not hear the previous "click" Sound, or the sound will not play when we pop the yellow balloon. Because IE9 's cue box is redesigned to the bottom of the page and is light yellow, it is visually too easy to be ignored by users, and may not be appropriate for some users.

Fortunately, we can still set this beep to open. Just click on the button in the top right corner of the window, turn on the Internet option, switch to the Advanced tab, find the Accessibility settings category, and tick the "Play system Sound", and IE9 will no longer "mute".

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