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When you find a favorite video in IE9, press the F12 key, open developer tools, switch to the Network tab, and then click the Start Capture button.

There is no response in the Capture window, because the tool can only be caught when the browser starts requesting the download of the file from the server, and "Start capturing" is not detected after the download process and the download completes.

It doesn't matter, we press the F5 key to let the page reload, at this time, the browser is downloading which files, can not escape our eyes:

As we can see, the details of each file download are documented here. Because the browser will download a lot of files at the same time, this list will be more and more long, change speed is very fast, how quickly and easily find the desired video files? Here are some lessons to teach.

The current online video generally through the Flash plug-in playback, flash video file suffix is flv, f4v or MP4. So, let's just get the list sorted by "type," and find the VIDEO/F4V or video/x-flv type of item in it OK. But in fact, the file downloads (buffering) process, "the results, type, and spent will all appear as" (Hang ...) ", and for files that require a long time to buffer (such as movies), if we wait until the download is complete, our precious youth can not be wasted.

So be sure to click Results (or type) before you start the capture, and let the list sort by this category, and then "(Hang ...)" You can be in the front of the line. When you press the home key during the capture process, you can skip to the first row of the list, even if the list is changing, so long as you "(Suspend ...)" You can find a file in the. f4v or. flv suffix in the entry. Moreover, the video is the last file in the Web page to download, it is more convenient to find it.

Look at the buffer bar on the video file, if the video file is relatively short, often download completed soon, the capture list will not have "(hang ...)" , in which case the VIDEO/F4V or video/x-flv type of video can be found directly by type.

Because the video is the largest volume of the Web page of a file, so you can also press "received" to sort, the buffer is complete, the largest file must be the video file.

For internal management convenience, the path of the video file is generally quite considerable, often at the end of the filename with some URL parameters (beginning with a question mark). But as long as the target, nothing, directly in the file record point right, "Copy url", in the IE Address bar paste and access. Oh, lovely download manager, let's go!


This time introduction is a direct download of Flash video files, after the main video site test, the effect is good. To download other formats of video or other formats, you can do the same. If you find anything good, students must share with me ah.

Yes, one more thing I forgot to say. The downloaded Flash video is not played directly in Windows Media player and requires additional video playback software to be installed. However, I said that Windows 7 is very good and powerful, there are many hidden features, we do not have to install the software is actually can play Flash video. Everyone quickly share this article, Lucky 7 will soon give you the answer OH.

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