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Let's take a look at IE9 's single box and what are the practical features.

Intelligent navigation

IE9 Beta In addition to the regular input URL to visit the site, but also support a number of large web site keyword Intelligent Matching access, that is, simply enter the main part of the site in a single box and then return to the site can automatically jump to the website, so do not have to worry about the full address. For example, if you want to visit the official website of Microsoft, simply enter "Microsoft" and return, the browser will automatically go to the homepage of Microsoft's website. And you do it under the IE8, you will only jump to the Microsoft Search results page.

Note, if you look closely at the changes in the address, you will find that IE9 Beta is still the first search for the word (Microsoft), and then automatically loads the first search results, that is, this feature is currently just the first item that automatically opens the relevant search results for you.

Automatic completion

When a user enters a URL in the address bar, the IE9 address bar automatically helps the user to complete the forecast lookup, making it easier for the user to access the target site.

Toggle default search engines and search suggestions

Click the Drop-down triangle arrow to the right of a single box, and at the bottom of the menu you can see several search engine icons (like Google and Bing above) and a blue border around the current search engine (Google above). You can click on any search engine icon to change your preferred search engine and related search suggestions.

If you are accustomed to using search advice, then remember to turn it on, because the IE9 default is to not turn on search suggestions (Google and Bing). After you turn on your search advice, you will see the associated search content as you normally do when searching through your search engine home page.

If your usual search engine is not in it, you can add it by clicking on the word "add". Clicking "Add" opens the IE add-in repository page, where there are plenty of optional search engines for you to add. Find your favorite, click on the Yellow box "add to Internet Explorer", then choose whether to set it as the default search and whether to use search suggestions, and finally determine.

Open the Drop-down menu again and you'll see that the search engine you just added has already appeared.

Lock to taskbar

IE9 also has a new feature called fixed-site functionality, which is a product of IE9 's close integration with Windows 7. This feature allows the user to secure a current Web site on the system's taskbar, the specific operation is also very simple, drag the address bar on the Web site to the taskbar can be, when the next time users want to visit the site, just click the taskbar shortcut key to the site can be quickly browse, very convenient.

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