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The main purpose of using beta software may be to experience the latest features and features, but for the development team, the release of the beta is more to collect the user's comments and suggestions, to ensure that the final version of good quality.

In the Windows 7 Beta, Microsoft provides a "Send Feedback" link in the upper-right corner of each window so that testers can submit comments directly to the development team when they encounter a problem:

I do not know if you have noticed that in IE9 Beta, there is actually such a function. Next let me introduce it:

Register Feedback Account

Microsoft has set up a connect site for the development team and testers to exchange tests, collect questions and suggestions. To submit IE9 test feedback to Microsoft, we need to register to the Connect site and then participate in the IE9 test project:

1. Visit here, register to connect site, during which you need to log in with Windows Live ID.

2. Visit here to join the "IE Public Feedback Program" project.

With this simple two-step, you are qualified to submit feedback to the IE9 development team!

Submit Feedback

When browsing a Web site in IE9 or having your own suggestions or ideas, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, select Send Feedback, and start the Submit Feedback wizard:

The first time you use it, you need to enter the Windows Live ID of the Connect site before registering in the authentication window. If you want to log on automatically the next time, you can select "Remember my password again on your computer":

Then you will be ready to fill out the feedback form:

As shown in the figure above, there are four main parts to fill in:

1. A title used to briefly describe a question or suggestion.

2. If you want to feedback the bug, click on the camera icon on the left and start the problem step recorder to record the steps of the problem. The recorded files are automatically packaged into a zip package and placed in the submission window.

If you use the Chinese system, the recorded steps are described in Chinese. In order to facilitate communication within the development team, it is best to submit a description in English below. Note that the problem does not need to be embodied here.

3, fill in the phenomenon of the problem.

4, IE will automatically fill in for us to meet the problem of the Web site. If you are submitting a proposal on IE9, you may not fill in this section.

Fill it out click Next, select the category of functionality that the feedback refers to, and what kind of issue the problem belongs to:

Because the development team is divided into many groups, each team is responsible for developing or testing a functional module, so the correct classification is very important to solve the problem. If the classification is inaccurate, it may reduce the chance of successful feedback. Of course, this requires a certain understanding of the technology.

For example, IE9 Beta has a serious problem is that when you visit the QQ space, you cannot display photos in the album. The problem is that the new JavaScript engine has more restrictive permissions on the script, so the photos on the server cannot be called properly. This feature is implemented through Ajax technology and is part of the page Action (action) category. Knowing this, you should categorize it into the Ajax and cross-document messaging category for page display and behavior. In the "Select a Problem" section, the first 5 cases are inconsistent, so you can choose "other".

Next fill in the other information about the problem, including whether the problem exists in the IE8, how often it appears in the IE9, the correct results, and what actually happens:

In the final step, the sender lists the collected information and related files that do not contain information that confirms the identity of the user, so you can click the privacy statement to learn more about the privacy disclosure.

If there are other relevant files to provide, we can also add in this step:

When you click Send Report, the program automatically sends all the files and information listed to the development team.

It is of course the best to be able to see the outcome of the submission. No problem, connect site is such a place. We visit the Https:// to see the problems that we and others have submitted to you in the IE test project, and to deal with the results.

When using IE9, don't forget to submit your feedback. In order to submit higher quality feedback, you can read the feedback guide, the Feedback form guide and how to submit the quality bug report in the IE Test Project homepage.

Submitting feedback is just a snap to everyone, but it can actually help ie get better. Perhaps in the final version of the IE9, a function of the improvement is because of your contribution Oh!

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