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TweakIE9 only 1.71MB, not completely green installation design, double click will appear after a simple installation option. This installation package will automatically check the computer has installed the version of IE, confirmed that the IE9 will not continue.

After the installation is complete, there are five basic customization features on the Open Interface:

UI (user interface) customization, boot (IE9 boot) customization, download feature customization (including EXE file signature check), security feature Customization, IE9 Start menu icon change customization.

Each project is designed as an intuitive one-click, adjust the option to click on the bottom of the "TweakIE9 Now" button to complete the changes, restart the browser immediately effective.

TweakIE9 interface

Five basic customization Features:

UI Customization

1. Make menu bar sticky (enable menubar ontop)

2. Toolbar with small icon (small icons on toolbar)

IE9 cancels the menu bar and toolbar, and replaces the three buttons in the upper-right corner. Although the button design looks pretty, it can be arranged a little close, it is not easy to click.

Now, with this option you can make the toolbar icons larger, and if the user prefers a smaller icon, you can use this setting:

Larger icon

Icon becomes smaller

3. Using ClearType font display mode (use ClearType)

ClearType, a screen font smoothing tool provided by Microsoft in its Windows operating system, makes Windows fonts more beautiful. ClearType is mainly for LCD LCD display

The design of the device can improve the clarity of the text. The basic principle is that the display of R, G, b each pixel also glows, so that its tonal subtle adjustment, can achieve the actual resolution above (transverse resolution of three times times) the display of slender text.

4. The menu bar is always displayed (menubar always visible)

The menu bar always displays

5. Use a 3D border (enable 3d-border)

Using the 3D border effect of a Web page frame, you don't have to set this if you feel that a 3D border is not nice to add to your Web page.

6. Display command bar (enable CommandBar)

After using the command bar, a line of command bars (with various small icons) below the browser menu bar represents different functions:

Using the command bar

7. Available link bands (Enable links band)

By defining this feature, the IE9 browser will display the link strip below the menu bar, where you can display the tabs of the Favorites bar, the source of the suggested sites and other Web pages, and the Web pages that can be updated online when the IE9 is not running:

Subscribe to Web pages

8. Display status bar (show StatusBar)

Status bar display

9. The maximum number of rows displayed on the New tab page (max rows on new tab)

The most frequently used Web site is a new addition to the IE9, but by default there are only two lines, especially when used on some large-screen computers, which does not seem to be very powerful.

The "Max Rows on new tab" Under the UI panel is designed for this feature, just enter a number, we can customize the most commonly used Web site line number, the coefficient of up to 5, the larger the number, will make the browser screen of the scroll bar longer, display page content more, of course, the page is too high will cause visual fatigue, So please set the page height that fits your custom.

With this tool, we can quickly revert back to IE8 with the help of several options under the UI panel. For example, "Enable Links Band", "Show Statusbar", "Menubar always visible" and so on, do not say all like also can mix a likeness. ok! gossip Less, everyone look at the picture.

IE9 revert to IE8 interface

Start customization

IE9 Startup mode customization:

1. Full Screen boot IE9 (start IE9 in fullscreen)

Of course it's not simply adding a maximized condition to the shortcut, but running it in a full-screen way (blocking the taskbar).

There are two main features of this model, one of which is to temporarily turn off the semi-permeable properties of aero to avoid background interference with the user's view. Another point is a lot of netizens like, in the tab bar blank place Double-click the mouse to create a new tab.

2. Create a custom home page (make a custom homepage)

This is awesome, make the homepage very personalized, click this option pop-up dialog box:

Make IE9 homepage

Small knitting here to make PChome Bathers page for the IE9 homepage, in the website column fill in the legal address; then click the "Add" button, the editor automatically adds the URL to the following list, and then enter the name of the home page in the title bar.

Next click on the "Set As Start" button, IE9 will be the user set up the home page to start the display, as shown in the home page Welcome interface:

Home Welcome Interface

Download Custom

The new version of the download manager must have been a lot of people, the interface is simple and practical, each time after the end of the bottom will also pop a reminder box. But not everyone likes this reminder box, for example, in bulk downloading some songs or pictures, the frequent pop-up reminder box will always bring people trouble. This software allows us to easily turn off this marquee.

1. Check the downloaded executable signature (perform check on EXE file signature)

This is the traditional security mechanism of IE browser, check legal signature, prevent malicious code. (feel very small in the domestic use)

2. Download Task Quantity Setup (max number of downloads)

You can customize the number of simultaneous download tasks.

3. Notify me when the download is complete (notify me when a download has completed)

When the task is well downloaded, the user can be notified

4. Download directory settings (downloads directory)

You can set the default download directory

Security customization

1. Start the Privacy browsing mode (start IE9 in InPrivate Browsing mode)

For example, IE9 's Tracking protection feature: Microsoft adds tracking protection to IE9. This feature allows people to control which data can be shared when browsing the network by letting customers point out which sites they don't want to exchange information with. By adding a tracking protection checklist to this feature, consumers can easily use this feature to protect their privacy.

TweakIE9 Gadgets

1. Create IE9 Computer "Start Menu" icon (make special Internet Explorer 9 shortcuts)

Make a Start menu icon

Listed above two kinds of small icons, when the user select, restart the computer's "Start Menu", the IE9 icon is updated.

Restore IE9 default settings (Restore IE9)

If customized, and want to restore the default state of the previous IE9 browser, TWEAKIE9 provides a restore key, no matter how the user set up before, one-click Restore.

Restore the default state of IE9

Well, the function of this software is roughly the above, so that users can easily customize the IE9 interface, function, security mechanism, but also provide small tools to make home page, menu icons, very strong and comprehensive. However, it is more regrettable that there is no expectations of double click off the tag, mouse gestures and other functions. But so far, this is the online first dedicated to IE9 configuration software, I hope the domestic manufacturers can also follow up as soon as possible!

PS: A user after the use of this software, resulting in irreparable error results, System Restore to solve the problem, so you need to install the user to use the software, before the installation of the system backup, so as not to cause unnecessary loss to you.

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