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Simple and fresh, high-speed and safe, IE9, take you to enjoy the beauty of the network. Below we will take you to experience the security of IE9 browser one of the highlights-download manager.

Fig. 1 Overview of IE9 interface

IE9 Download Management, the Gospel of user security downloads

File downloading is one of the main ways for malware to propagate to client hosts, and these malware are easy to tolerate, often disguised as video, PDF and other seemingly harmless files, and even mixed with mail attachments. The so-called stabbed is difficult to defend, once you are slightly negligent, these malicious software may swoop in, damage your computer or information. And IE9 for your loyal guards, can help you to strictly control, to ensure the security of downloading files.

IE9 has integrated the SmartScreen download Manager to check the files you are about to download, including virus scanning, verifying that the executable file is from a trusted data source, and using the Application reputation service. When you download the file by clicking on the download link, the Download Manager will automatically open. If you need to work on a file that has already been downloaded, you can click "Tools"-> "View Download" to enter the viewing and tracking download interface.

Figure 2 opening the download Manager

IE9 Download Manager's new features, download reputation is a breakthrough, with the help of the reputation of download, IE9 can clearly distinguish between common downloads and dangerous content, to provide you with high credibility of security decisions.

In particular, the application reputation service is able to check what is about to be downloaded, and if the content of the download is poor, the content is dangerous and the browser pops up a warning box.

Figure 3 Warning box for download

You will also be prompted for the view and tracking downloads list.

Figure 4 Viewing and tracking the download list

The download Manager will also provide you with optional actions that are recommended for deleting dangerous files.

Figure 5 Download Manager provides actions

For common downloads, IE9 has no warning to ensure a very low false positives rate.

Note: In the beta version of IE9, the download reputation feature may not be included for the time being. After evaluation and refinement, this feature will be turned on for all SmartScreen-enabled users without any code updates.

Perspective application reputation, developer best practices

Since the download reputation is so important, how do you build a good reputation for application developers?

Sign your application with an authentication code

Digital certificates have the same reputation as a particular file. You can choose a reputable digital certificate to sign your application.

Make sure your application does not contain malicious code

Once your application is determined to contain malicious code, the download reputation of the program and the reputation of the corresponding digital certificate will be reduced.

Request Windows Logo Support

Windows Logo support is available for programs that use Microsoft for compatibility and reliability testing.

IE9 Download Management, comprehensive testing of the download content, significantly reduce false positives, to provide you with reliable download security. IE9, easy for your downloads, secure your downloads.

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