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Xu ruyun has a song called "If cloud knows". In this blog post, we will sing "If cloud computing ".

"If the cloud knows, think about your evening "...

If cloud computing is used, you will not worry about server issues...

After a Server failure, we need to fundamentally solve the problem that spof affects the normal operation of the website.

There are two solutions: 1. purchase a server to build a dual-host hot backup or cluster; 2. migrate to the cloud computing platform.

I was not familiar with the domestic cloud computing environment, and I was not found to be a particularly powerful company in cloud computing. I was always worried, so I took a wait-and-see attitude.

Yinguang's suggestion touched us and decided to take this opportunity to carefully assess whether to migrate to the cloud computing platform.

Cloud computing has advantages over self-purchased servers in terms of both cost (hardware cost and maintenance cost) and scalability. Coupled with our current situation, if we can find a suitable cloud computing platform, it will solve our big problem:

1. If cloud computing is enabled, you do not have to worry about the failure to enable the server when Windows Update is restarted;

2. If cloud computing is required, you do not have to rush to the data center to solve server problems;

3. If cloud computing is used, there is no need to worry about increasing the number of servers;

4. If cloud computing is used, do not worry about hardware faults;

5. Cloud computing can focus more on developing better products and serving users better.

6. If cloud computing ,...

We have no experience or knowledge in this area, so I would like to hear your suggestions and recommend some excellent cloud computing platforms in China.

Our main requirements for cloud computing:

1. bandwidth demand: m exclusive

2. Database Server Requirements: 2 4-core Xeon CPUs (at least 2 GHz), 16 GB memory, GB hard disk space

3. Web server requirements: 6 4-core Xeon CPUs (at least 2 GHz), 32 GB memory, GB hard disk space

Accumulated: 32-core CPU, 48 gb memory, GB hard disk space, MB dedicated bandwidth

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