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If one day you dial my phone number, the voice will tell you that I have stopped. Promise me not to be sad, not to lose; do not remember me. If one day, your mobile phone no longer rings frequently, please do not wait, do not look forward to, do not want to find me, only to see such a you, I can rest assured to leave.

If one day, no one will say annoying or annoying in your ears. No one is stubborn enough to say that you are always correct, and no one is rude to you. No one will bargain with you and want to talk about phone calls for several more minutes. No one will make a bid to ask you to kiss and hug before you call the phone. Will you feel sad if I disappear like this?

If one day, in your text message inbox, no one may say that there are still a few seconds before you go home, and no one will say that I will beat you if I don't talk to me, no one is coqueting, saying that you hate to say that you are bad. No one is blaming yourself for your mistakes after doing something wrong. No one is talking nonsense, no one is sighing, no one is listening to you in a gentle manner, and then you get angry. If you lose me like this, will you lose me?

On that day, I still hope you will feel a little sad, a little lost, and a little bit of thinking about me, as long as you have a little bit of memory about me, it is really just a little bit.

If one day you turn on your computer, my avatar turns gray forever. Don't say that I'm not keeping promises. I feel tired, tired, and really hurt.

If one day, your life does not have me, please remember my good to you, my willfulness, stubborn; my tolerance, care. I have nothing to worry about, my crazy words, silly words, tears when sad, but when I sigh. But remember, even though we are in different corners of the Earth, we have the same blue sky on our head, standing on the same green lawn under our feet, breathing the same air. Maybe we can find your taste here.

If one day, you will not remember me, do not forget every minute and every second we are together, do not forget what I like, hate what, think what is happiness, what is pain. No matter how you do, I will never forget any piece of information about your memory. What are you used to and dislike. Feel happy and sad. In the emotional world, there is no word fair. I will not care about this. The two months we spent together will be the most beautiful memories of my life. I want you to remember what you promised me and what I promised, but I am not good, not good, not keep the promise, I did not wait until you completely forget, and then leave when you get happy again; when the pain is over without you, and when you are truly happy, you can escape.

If one day you no longer have me in your life, you cannot remember my existence or traces, because I am afraid that you will lose, be sad, and miss me, it's not because you like me, love me, but get used to my daily phone calls, leave a message every day, I am confused, and I am dependent on you. When a person is used to another person's existence in his life, even if he does not like and love, he will still feel lost, a little sad, and think about him, although I like jealousy, I have a bad temper and can't tolerate the love of others. But I still want you to be better than me, and hope to see you live happily every day.

If one day you don't have me any more in the past and in this life, when I was not strong enough to face this moment, I don't know what would happen to me? And you are still you, will you see my sorrow and regret hiding in the corner? Will you feel that I am always with you? Even if you sigh, I won't comfort you any more. When you are sad, I won't be sad with you any more. When you are heartbroken, I won't be heartbroken with you any more, you have never noticed that, you have never seen, your memories, your life, and your world are no longer me, and you will not feel a little sad when I know it better, A little bit of loss, a little bit of thinking about me, a little bit About any of my memories.

When this day came, I was really desperate, heartbroken, and tired. Because when there are too many, I always pretend that it doesn't matter, but do I really care? What about you? Will I care about everything? But I will blame myself and hate myself, because I am a person who does not keep my promise. I promised that you would not leave you at any time. You told me that you don't know what would happen if I left you one day? I know, it's actually not good for me. I shouldn't let you live in your life. There is my presence in your life. I should be a lover waiting for you silently, taking care of everything, and waiting for you secretly, people who miss you. But I showed everything. You know, know, understand, and finally moved, but I left.

Today is a stranger, familiar with yesterday ......

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