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In everyday design, there are often product managers who say, "Look at this space, we might as well put some guiding text."

Then the designer is going to freak out--why is this simple process so complicated?

Let's analyze the

It is not difficult to draw, in addition to the content of the process, it is bound to interfere with user operations, reduce the efficiency of form filling, and can lead to unexpected consequences (user close the page)

How to judge:

On the functional page, we need to know what the user behavior is on this page; The guidance within the process is minimized to the main process; the content outside the process is not necessarily increased

Design principle:

The unnecessary elements of an Omega Razor can lead to reduced design efficiency and increase unpredictable consequences. In the design we can remove unnecessary interference elements, so that the page will be more pure, concise

The design can also be used to evaluate several functions of the same design, in all available cases, choose less visual interference.

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