If you do the test PM "reprint"

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This article is from: Https://yq.aliyun.com/articles/14578?spm=5176.100238.yqhn2.14.Lcie4Y abstract this year, the overall brought several projects. I am not a professional PMP training background, the purpose of the fall is mainly to the accumulation of a little experience to share to everyone, so project management terminology and wording of the unprofessional, I hope you understand. One of the projects landed very fast, quality and effect produced also very fast a project, landed to produce effect on one months, all project members are not full-time to do this project, subject to research ...
    今年整体带了几个项目。我本人不是专业的PMP培训出身,落文的目的主要是为了把所积累的一点点经验分享给大家,所以项目管理的术语和措辞上的不专业,希望大家谅解。    其中一个项目落地非常快,质量和效果产生也非常快的一个项目,落地到产生效果就一个月,所有项目成员都不是全职做这个项目,受到研究员高度认可并取得对应成果的项目。    另一个项目历经小半年,横跨多个部门,最终取得了所有主链路全部达到秒开的水平,并被开发部申请了技术部牛气冲天奖的项目。    第三个是无线测试发声最多,体现最专业的一个项目,在项目的整体流程推进上,风险把控上,需求控制上,测试方都付出了不少的努力,运营和PD方纷纷回复邮件给测试团队点赞。

I'll take a look at some aspects of my project in terms of my own:

First, the overall planning
   1.1 In the overall planning of demand management, I focus on the requirements list and the time node2 parts, the first classification of requirements, broadly divided into strong risk demand, strong demand for demand, general needs, the need to cut the number of parts, if not to prioritize a priority, according to my philosophy I will focus on strong demand demand > Strong risk Demand > general needs > The requirements of reduction. Strong demand for demand is likely to lead to this version of the core requirements of the update, this demand for resources to ensure that priority, all risk issues are prioritized, to ensure that strong demand for the online, not to consider the need for strong demand does not meet the time schedule of the situation. Then is the strong risk demand, this demand needs to communicate in advance to understand the risk point, and prepared in advance for the record, strong risk demand faced with the possibility of multi-sectoral cooperation, scheduling problems, or technical difficulties, time issues, analysis of the strong risk of demand for the bottleneck, the line alone communication, and prepare the plan, If the type of demand in the last node is still not able to achieve my desired goal, then because I have timely communication to the various partners, the partners also have the heart of the expectations and preparedness to better deal with some, can cut the demand, such requirements can be in accordance with the current plan, time, resources and other conditions factors of selective extraction,    If the resources, such as abundant and all take over, otherwise the best in the project stage will need to be reasonable to cut, do not appear the original commitment to complete the demand, at the end of the project is known to the relevant stakeholders this demand can not be completed, this is quite annoying for others.1.2 Time nodes are concerned about the time node because most of the current Ali projects are backward, each part of the time when the completion of the time is standard and measurable, such as demand communication, PRD output, visual & Interactive output, development start time and end time, project time to test, Project test completion time, Project Gray time, project small channel release time, Project Omni-channel release time, in a project, most of the time node, at the time of the project start planning has been produced, as PM need to manage the risk of time nodes, often and the main responsible person to communicate the progress of related projects, Not tense when the partners send weekly news content, tense when each partner sends daily content, even current communication, to establish a variety of communication methods of the project, such as Project 1 to promote weekly meeting meetings, mail group, Wenwang, nails, weekly, daily and so on. PM can not think of the time node will be good, this is not a good pm, a qualified PM should always pay attention to the progress of each node, quality, risk and so on, especially near the output of each node, if the time is found to have delay, Then we should communicate with the relevant business parties to improve the progress of production, overtime and other means, the node output and Agile project management, so as far as possible to ensure that each time node to achieve the project planning objectives. 
Second, communication
    2.1 People communicate with people communication is peer-to, single point to Single point, this communication content must be that content only to dabble in you2 of people, such as a certain problem has been hanging on a person for a long time did not solve, as PM to understand the situation to communicate, communication when more from the perspective of the other side of the problem, more from the perspective of the co-win consideration, can not say you as PM you have this right how how, This kind of communication is generally in the other side of the effect of resistance, understand that it may be because the responsible person is arranged for other tasks, or that the problem is difficult to solve, or that people are prepared to leave, the impact of the project progress of the node to solve the problem, communication can first take the mail communication, then Wang Wang Communication, Finally, the way to communicate in person, the general Ali people to reach the second step of Wang Wang communication level basic will have a response, if want to do not, then you must face to communicate, do not be afraid, some pm do not know how to communicate in person, in person communication appointment good time, do not preconceived, first put the question to see how each other said Then you according to understand the situation again to have a strategic push this thing, the first few steps also did not, direct face questioned, this question how still not solve, this time I want to scold him, I have more important things in hand good, you come over hooves a fart. Of course if this thing is very very urgent, P1 fault, that directly to find good, this problem has no scruples other people feel, affecting our online users that is a first-class event, but also what face.2.2 Cooperation between the communication and the partner's communication, must let each other's leader know and understand the support of this matter, this is particularly important, even if the other side leader no time, then also need to in Wang Wang or mail cc, avoid finally for various reasons, this project support to halfway in the middle, Then temporarily called eldest brother eldest brother from top to down pressure this thing, according to my words, is this thing do not beautiful enough. The other boss know agree to this matter, then need to draw up the interface of the partner need to communicate, the other team is more familiar with the other side, but also more able to say, you in other people's team, the green pool of the Green Pond said 100, perhaps not as others in the internal team laughing and joking, the project cooperation to promote the matter must be paid to the interface to do, you as PM can not be the partner team also managed, and, besides, the real project to do up, You also do not have that time and energy, set up the interface person, this interface person must be able to transfer the effective information to reach the team, and landing execution, such an interface talent is effective, do not casually designate a, Oh, Zhang San, you are the interface person, the result Zhang San oneself in the team of what is not to implement, finally you say is Zhang San responsibility It is your responsibility, you both have responsibility, but the most likely is your responsibility, Zhirenshanlin, as PM, operations team, PD team, development team, Test team, which team who are very suitable for the PM interface person, or the PM of their own team, you at least usually work more and cooperation team to understand, Even if you do not know the team, it is best to inquire about the side, when the person directly to designate the responsible, the efficiency of the lever, the communication is quite silky, and then reminded that the communication with the partner must be polite justified there is a statement, meaning must have the courtesy to respect others ' opinions, What you say must be reasonable, there is reason to stand for the footnotes, can withstand the scrutiny, there is a sentence you say must be clear and easy to understand there is a logical focus, according to your words must have the basis, there are facts, there is data, so that the cooperation to know you this person to do things, people will be very willing to work with you Otherwise you may be pointing at you spine scold, rely on, what bird people, this project a little prospect can not see. 2.3 own team's communication his team is a family member, is the most pro-pro people, can own on, will not let their team top, so the project any risk or progress of the situation of their own team is the truth, In advance to help their team to consider a number of things, well-meaning to remind them some things to note, the key node, and so on, today you may be PM, tomorrow may be someone else is pm, can pass their experience to everyone's share to everyone, more from the team to consider the problem, Also need to help others to consider everything from the perspective of the team, not the individual perspective, because no matter is the project, or the task, there is no one thing belongs to the designated person, you can quit any time altogether no matter, so whether it is their own team or others team, we can participate in this matter together, to do this project, Your heart will be grateful to the state of mind, more to praise others, even if others do wrong, do bad, but also to know how to gently remind him, let him have the face of the project at the same time to achieve the purpose, perhaps my way of life. Each person manages the project the means are different, the human difference will lead to the style difference. 
Third, professional
   什么是专业,就是把自己份内的事情做到极致,我认为这就是专业,一个PD需求写不好,一个运营页面都不会搭建,一个测试连Bug都不会跟踪不会提,这可能都是不专业的体现。在项目中,你是PM,或者你是其他角色都必须要做到够专业,测试的PM就要整体把控测试的进度,提测时间点,业务的风险点,测试完成时间,业务上线时间,把该暴漏的问题要尽早的暴露出来,很多测试PM总是怕得罪人,问题暴露出来了,这个问题是某某个团队的,某某个人的,人家会不会觉得我事多,记恨我,以后是不是合作上就有问题了,其实我觉得如果这个问题藏着掖着上线了,最后被爆出个P1\P2故障出来,我想人家更会记恨你,提前发的预警信息,风险邮件,加班邮件如果能把问题暴露出来,大家都应该感谢你的,测试PM都是从整个项目的质量上来考虑整个项目的,大家应该都能理解,你是测试PM,你要对这些事情负责,项目的周报定时的发送,让整个大促合作方都知晓测试的进度,项目时间紧时,要把风险性的问题及时发送邮件或者旺旺消息,让大促的总PM知晓,不暴露出来解决掉问题,就意味着时间不够用,要带bug上线,这种事情是必须全部周知才可以,否则凭什么你让业务带问题上线,是我,我这东北人的性情我就不爽。 专业的人做专业的事情,PM同学管理好项目的人与人的关系,业务的进度,风险,时间点等等,消息传达和沟通要尽量协调好,做一件事情要多考虑一分钟,想想是不是遗漏了什么,让大家都觉得很顺,很爽,下次做项目还愿意跟着你干,这不仅仅是项目的成功,也是你的成功,每个人身上都被其他人贴上了不同的标签,而你自己就是你的品牌。
Iv. Feedback
   什么是回馈,按照我的想法,就是付出就必然有回报,虽然大家做项目不是给你做的,说白了你也是给公司做的,那么作为PM这件事情的带头人,你有理由,有责任给与参与项目的人给予感谢,请大家吃个饭,来个下午茶,为大家申请加班倒休,为大家申请酒店住宿等加班条件,这都是PM需要考虑的事情,我又想抱怨一下,看过很多项目,做完了就做完了,作为PM连封感谢的邮件都没有,心里真是不爽啊,中国这个社会还是一个人际关系的社会,认识你喜欢你的,你没说话,事就给你办了,不认识你的不鸟的你,你天天求着人家,人家都不愿意给你办事,这事情就是这么个事情,我觉得非常简单,但是还是发现有很多人不是很明白这个道理,一定要多赞美人家,不要害臊,当面赞美,例如:这个模块,做的很牛,Bug非常少。给与开发同学实力上的肯定。这个需求写的非常清晰,我一看就懂了,多谢多谢,给与PD赞美,人家从内心上肯定你,后面还会坚持这么做,否则,今天我写的很好你不吱声,明天我写的不好你也不吱声,好,那下次我不写了,省事谁不会呢?   这个回馈方式有很多种,有大有小,你要变通着来,这样大家才原因跟着你干这个项目吧,否则要是我,我都觉得这个PM脑子是木头的....

Summary: Finally I want to say, actually I hooves bar hooves bar so much, also did not have all of their experience full hooves bar out, also did not put the overall process of the project Ah, goal ah what to everybody say again, that is because I think in what environment, which so-called process Ah, goal ah, standard AH what, are not invariable, As PM to consider the current environment, the way of the previous project and so on and everyone good cooperation, there is a sentence how to say, the tree is a dead person is alive, I think as PM can adapt to do things, so that everyone as satisfied as possible to the project satisfaction, to your satisfaction, the results satisfied, and achieved the goal of the project "Qi Live"

If you do the test PM "reprint"

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