If you enter more than 10 circled characters, you can use the "Circled characters" feature to achieve

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How do I enter more than 10 circled characters? When users edit documents using Word2010, they often need to enter circled digits. Can be entered by the soft keyboard "digital serial number" on the input method, input more than 10 circled characters, you can use the "circled character" function to achieve. For this Office tutorial Learning Network specially made the following tutorials for office enthusiasts to refer to, hope that the vast number of office enthusiasts to apply their knowledge, the courage to innovate, enter more than 10 with the loop character operation steps are as follows:

As shown in Figure 2012041201.

Figure 2012041201word2010 "Circled Characters" button

In addition, users can quickly enter the circled number within 20 by entering the Unicode character alphanumeric shortcut key. For example, if a user needs to enter a ⑪, the character "2469" is converted to ⑪ by simply entering the character "2469" (note no quotes) and pressing the "ALT+X" key combination. For the convenience of the user, figure 2012041202 lists the table with circled digits and Unicode characters within 20.

Figure 201204120220 Comparison of circled digits with Unicode characters

Tips: The above features are also applicable in Word2003 and Word2007.

Summary: After a few steps, I believe that we can master the input more than 10 with the circle character skills, the above by the Office Tutorial Learning Network Dedication, the purpose is to solve the problem in the work of the application of the difficult to do demo use, I hope you can take this reference, extrapolate, flexible use.

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