If you like Python, several open-source projects that you don't know about, python open-source projects

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If you like Python, several open-source projects that you don't know about, python open-source projects
1. Trac

Trac has powerful bug management functions and integrates Wiki for document management. It also supports the code management tool Subversion, so that you can easily refer to the program source code in bug Management and Wiki.


Trac has a powerful plug-in system, which can be used to implement various functions, such as supporting Git or adding some of its own syntaxes.


If you want to know how wiki is implemented or how svn is integrated, you can look at the source code of this project.



2. Docutils

The main purpose of the Docutils project is to create a set of tools for converting plain text to some common formats, including HTML, XML, and LaTeX. Please first understand the basic knowledge of reStructuredText. It is more lightweight and easy to use than professional text typographical tools such as Docbook or lex.


3. Pygments

Pygments is a Python library for formatting and highlighting code. It contains four modules:

Lexer-parses the code into a token stream. Each token contains two attributes: The current token type and the current token value. Pygments supports many languages. For details, refer to Appendix.

  • Lexer-parses the code into a token stream. Each token contains two attributes: The current token type and the current token value. Pygments supports many languages and can be expanded.
  • Filters-the tokens parsed by lexer are sent to the filter. You can modify the attributes or values of certain tokens based on the conditions.
  • The final output of the formatter-token stream is based on the definition of formater. The output is in the format defined for implementation, such as HTML, LaTex, or RTF.
  • Style-defines the output style. For example, different types of tokens are displayed in different colors or bold.
4. Sphinx

Sphinx is a document generation tool that generates source files in reStructuredText format such as HTML, PDF, and LaTex. The editor does not need to process the text format in person. The program will automatically generate the format based on the settings in the source file, and automatically generate chapter links.

Like DocBook, Sphinx can be seen as a tool that separates text format processing from text editing.


Python official documentation is written using this tool.


5. MoinmoinWiki

 MoinMoinIt is a wiki engine program based on the Python environment and supports multilingual features including Chinese.

  • Fully use files to store content without using databases
  • All Wiki specifications are implemented, and Unicode encoding supports multiple languages.


6. Mercurial

Mercurial is a lightweight distributed version control system (Git is also a distributed version control system) that is implemented in Python.

  • Easier management. Traditional version control systems use centralized repository. Some repository-related management can only be performed by the Administrator. Because of the distributed model, Mercurial has no such troubles. Every user manages their own repository, and the Administrator only needs to coordinate and synchronize these repository.
  • More robust system. Distributed systems are more robust than centralized single-server systems.


7. CNProg

CNProg isA free technical Q & A community for Chinese programmers. It is a Community system between forums, blogs, Wikipedia, and Digg, based on Python and Django development.


If you want to learn about Django programming, this project can be read as an example.


Source Code address: http://wiki.github.com/cnprog/CNPROG/

Daxia recommends several examples of open-source python projects.

There are many Python open-source projects.
For example, Twisted and Tornado are used as web servers.
WxPython GUI
Django website creation
And NumPy for scientific computing.
These are all very large. There are many other small and medium-sized enterprises that can be searched on GitHub.
In addition, there are some Python-based websites, such as the famous Douban, zhihu, and shell.
In addition, many web games are implemented in Python at the backend. Although these are not open-source, basic technologies can be found in open-source projects.

Python: I am a newbie. I have mastered the basics of the syntax but want to practice some examples or projects? There is no good way

# You can contact the example above for more advanced tutorials and books.
# You can also use python to solve problems in your real life.
# Pay Attention to the official python website www.python.org, which contains a large amount of information.
# Finally, if you are really cool-performing, join the python open-source project area to contribute, or join the python Email-list to see it and try it out.
Finally, I wish you a success.

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