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As browser functionality grows. Whether has the on-line collection, gathers the information synchronization and so on function, has become the measurement one browser procedure good or bad one standard. Including proud tour, the window of the world, Tencent TT and other browser software, are added to the new version of these features. Today, the author of the three browser software online collection and collection of information synchronization functions to do a deep contrast. See who is more suitable for the user to help users easily sync Web sites and information.

One, proud tour browser online collection & collection Information synchronization

1. Online collection function

Proud Tour Browser, to provide users with a very powerful online collection function. Users are required to register (Figure 1) and log in with their login account and password when the software is turned on (Figure 2). We can easily enjoy the online collection function which is provided by the user with the Proud tour browser.

Figure 1 Register to open a proud tour account

Figure 2 Open Browser and login with account

At this point the browser will automatically prompt the user whether to open the Online collection function, click "Yes" can be easily opened. After the collection function is opened, the user clicks on the Favorites folder to add the URL to the favorite page, and then if you want to add this page to the Network Favorites folder synchronization collection. Click the "Organize your Favorites" option on the "Favorites" menu and go to the Favorites management program (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Proud Tour Browser "Favorites Manager" program interface

Users need only point to add to the network favorites, to achieve synchronization of the URL link, then choose the favorite manager "More", in the pop-up menu, select "Manual Online Collection" (Figure 4). It is easy to realize the need to achieve synchronization of the content of the Web site to add to the proud of the server, in the future when the use of proud browser online, login account, you can easily call these pages.

Figure 4 Easy to sync favorites content with the Favorites Manager

At the same time, the proud browser also supports the import of the favorites information previously stored in Ie,firefox (Figure 5), and supports the export of information already in the Favorites folder (Figure 6) for backup.

Figure 5 The browser also supports importing the contents of a Firefox bookmark

Figure 6 User can easily export proud browser favorites Content

After the author trial, the overall feel proud of the Web browser online collection function is very powerful, you can let users choose and manage their own network favorites content. Selecting those pages is worth "sync" and those sites need not be uploaded to the server.

2. Collect Information synchronization function

Collection Information Panel, is proud of the browser another feature, the user in the browser to browse the wonderful pages, the need to save the text information, you can use the Ctrl+g shortcut keys to call the collection panel, will need to save the information easily copied to the "Collection Information Panel" (see Figure 7), Very convenient for the user to temporarily record the text information on the page.

Figure 70 points practical, easy to use the browser collection panel features

At the same time, in the latest version of the proud browser, the contents of the collection panel also support easy synchronization to the server. and the online collection function is the same, users can easily enjoy this feature after logging in with a proud tour account. After you have determined that the current content needs to be synchronized, click on the "Earth" icon in the collection panel (Figure 8), and you can see the "Upload content" option in the pop-up menu and click to upload the collection panel content to the server. When calls are made offsite, it is also possible to select "Download collection Content" From this menu to make the call again.

Figure 8 Open a proud tour account can easily upload mobile phone panel content

Proud Tour Browser Online collection & collection information synchronization function Summary:

Proud of the browser to provide users with a strong online collection and collection panel upload function, users to register and use the account login, you can easily enjoy these features. Upload the relevant pages according to your own needs. Easy downloading of various collection information in an off-site location. function is very practical. Let the author Fondle admiringly.

Second, the World window Browser online collection & Collection information synchronization function

1. Window of the World Browser online collection function

In the latest version of the World window browser, also contains the online collection function, but the entrance is not in the Software "collection" menu. I also looked for this feature for a long time before I found the "Network Favorites" (Figure 9) entry in the Help menu. setting is more inconvenient, it makes it difficult for users to call and use related functions quickly.

Figure 9 Users need access to the Web Favorites interface through the Access menu

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