Ii. Getting started with Nodejs-preparation (2)--mongodb Installation and client Robomongo installation and use

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1. Introduction


3.MongoDB installation Process

Use of 4.MongoDB

5.MongoDB Add Administrator account

6.RoboMongo installation Process

7.RoboMongo Management Database

8. Summary

1 Introduction

Mongo DB is a non-relational database (NOSQL) that is currently very popular in the IT industry, as long as it is a simple and practical process that describes the installation of MongoDB and its management of client Robomongo


MongoDB: Https://fastdl.mongodb.org/win32/mongodb-win32-x86_64-2008plus-2.6.7-signed.msi

Robomongo: http://www.newasp.net/soft/75669.html

3 MongoDB installation process

3.1 Run the downloaded MongoDB installation file, eject install navigation interface 3-1, click Next button to enter next

Figure 3-1

3.2 As shown in Figure 3-2, tick the I accept the terms in the License agreement, click the Next button to enter the next step

Figure 3-2

3.3 As shown in Figure 3-3, MongoDB provides three ways to install: typical (typical), custom, Full installation (complete), we click the Custom button to proceed to the next step.

Figure 3-3

3.4 In this step, expand the mongodb2.6.7 option, put the button that appears as Red Fork left-click, select the first item to install, 3-4, click the Browse button to set the installation path, I set the following: D:\Program files\ path, 3-5, Click the Next button to enter the installation screen

Figure 3-4

Figure 3-5

3.5 Click the Install button to start the installation, 3-6, wait for the installation results, after the installation is complete, clicking the Finish button to end the installation, 3-7

Figure 3-6

Figure 3-7

4 Use of MongoDB

The previous step on the installation of MongoDB introduced, this small section will mainly introduce MongoDB database path setting and verify MongoDB version number

4.1 Open a command-line window, see (I, Nodejs get started--preparation (1)) Open result 4-1 shows

Figure 4-1

4.2 Enter D-disk by entering D: command, 4-2

Figure 4-2

4.3 Enter the command to enter the Bin folder under the installation path of MongoDB, as shown in 4-3

Figure 4-3

4.4 Enter the MONGO--version command to view the MongoDB version, as shown in 4-4

Figure 4-4

4.5 new folder on D-disk: Mongodbdata, input: Mongod--dbpath D:\MongoDBData, start MongoDB service, 4-5, start with the successful information 4-6 shown, Represents the 27017 default port used by the MongoDB server

Figure 4-5

Figure 4-6

4.6 Open the browser, enter the address: http://localhost:27017, if everything is OK, then display 4-7, indicating that MONGODB data is working properly

Figure 4-7

5 MongoDB Add Administrator account

The previous section has started the MongoDB service normally, now add an administrator to the database exactly, here set the user name and password are admin

5.1 Reopen a command-line window, switch to the MongoDB installation path under the Bin folder, as shown in 5-1

Figure 5-1

5.2 Input Command: mongo,5-2, enter the command use admin to switch to the admin database, as shown in Figure 5-3

Figure 5-2

Figure 5-3

5.3 Input Command Db.adduser (' admin ', ' admin ') Add admin account, 5-4 shown

Figure 5-4

Now that the MongoDB preparation is over, the next step is to install the Robomongo client

6 Robomongo installation process

6.1 Run the downloaded Robomongo installation file, enter the installation interface as shown in 6-1, click Next > button to proceed to the next

Figure 6-1

6.2 Click the I Agree button in the authorization screen to go to the next step, 6-2 shows

Figure 6-2

6.3 Set the installation path as shown in D:\Program Files (x86) \robomongo,6-3, click the next > button to proceed to the next

Figure 6-3

6.4 Button Install button to wait for installation, click Finish button to end the installation

7 Robomongo Management Database

7.1 Run Robomongo program, first run 7-1 shown

Figure 7-1

7.2 Clicking the Create button creates a connection configuration, default Connection tab content, 7-2 shown, switch to Authentication tab, tick Perform authentication, fill username as admin, Password to admin,7-3

Figure 7-2

Figure 7-3

7.3 Test configuration is correct, on the basis of Figure 7-3 Click the Test button, pop 7-4, there are two green checkmark, then the configuration is correct, click the Close button to close the window, on the basis of Figure 7-3 Click Save Save Configuration, then the display of 7-5

Figure 7-4

Figure 7-5

7.4 Select the new Connection that you just created, click the Connect button to connect to the database, as shown in 7-6

Figure 7-6

8 Summary

This section mainly introduces MongoDB installation and simple configuration, Robomongo installation and simple configuration, through this section of the content, we have prepared the MongoDB database.

About the detailed use of MongoDB database, Robomongo detailed use of the process, in the future blog, please pay attention to me, thank you.

Ii. Getting started with Nodejs-preparation (2)--mongodb Installation and client Robomongo installation and use

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