"IIS configuration 401 error" perfect solution

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"IIS configuration 401 error" perfect solution
1. Error Code 401.1
symptom: HTTP Error 401.1-unauthorized: access is denied due to invalid creden.
the user's anonymous account (IUSR _ by default) is disabled or has no permission to access the computer.
(1) check whether the anonymous account set for site security in IIS manager is disabled. If yes, try the following methods to enable it:
Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Computer Management-> local users and groups, enable IUSR _ machine name account. If the problem persists, proceed to the next step.
(2) check whether the default anonymous access account of the site in IIS manager or its group has the permission to access the server over the network in the Local Security Policy, if you have not attempted to grant permissions by following these steps:
Start-> Program -> Administrative Tools-> Local Security Policies-> Local Policies-> User Permissions allocate, double-click access to this computer from the network to add the default IIS user or the group to which it belongs.
Note: Generally, custom IIS default anonymous access accounts belong to groups. To ensure security, follow this rule without special requirements.

2. Error Code 401.2
symptom: HTTP Error 401.2-unauthorized: access is denied due to server configuration.
cause: Anonymous Authentication disabled
RUN inetmgr, choose site Properties> Directory Security> authentication and access control> enable Anonymous Access, enter the user name, or click browse to select a valid user, enter the password twice and then confirm.

3. Error No.: 401.3
symptom: HTTP Error 401.3-unauthorized: access to requested resources is denied due to ACL settings.
cause: IIS Anonymous Users generally belong to the guests group, while we generally assign the permissions to store the website's hard disk only to the Administrators group. In this case, according to the inheritance principle, website folders can only be accessed by members of the Administrators group. As a result, the NTFS permission for anonymous IIS users to access this file is insufficient, and thus the page cannot be accessed.
grant the IIS Anonymous user the permission to access the website folder by entering the security options of the folder, adding the IIS Anonymous user, and granting the corresponding permissions, it is generally read and write.

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