IIS configuration asp.net Local Web site under Windows7

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Recently did a public security system website, the Government enterprise Bignan unexpectedly more serious matter, so, in order to be able to complete this project beautifully, I installed IIS Manager on the local computer.

Control Panel-"Procedures and functions-" turn on or off Windows Features-"Select IIS Information Service three nodes and their child nodes are all checked, installed, directly open Administrative Tools-" IIS Manager, send a shortcut to the desktop.

The next step is to configure IIS and configure local IIS to be configured n years ago, and Windows SERVER2012 is configured on the XP system

However, the Windows7 IIS configuration is a bit strange, but the general current program managed piping mode: Integrated mode

The selected application pool is: Classic. NET Appport

The identification of the advanced setting is: LocalSystem, otherwise the hint does not have what permissions

This allows you to access the site after you have configured the reboot. Found that the CMS released a lot of file styles are not, had to put all the folders back to cover a bit. Test Pass, OK ... It was a great pleasure to see the site being accessible in local IIS.

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