Iis7.0 installation in Longhorn Server

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I wrote an article last time.ArticleAbout Vista In Iis7.0 To achieve Vs2005 In Iis7.0 Debugging Web Project, in addition to the content mentioned in the previous article, you also need to open the "debugging" of the website, and you need to Windows Verify ". We are here today Longhorn Server 2007 To see Iis7.0 My virtual machine is: Virtualbox This is the best open-source performance I have ever seen. You can install it if you want to try it out. In Beta There are two options for version installation: one is Longhorn Server Enterprise; The other is Longhorn server performanisecore I found it at Microsoft, but there is no difference, Core It should be the core, so Longhorn server performanisecore I just installed the core part or the lite version. I don't know if it is correct. I used the full installation. Let's talk about other things. For me, the first thing I want to do is look at it. Iis7.0 Next let's take a look Iis7.0 In Longhorn Server 2007 .


first open servermanager, & Windows Server 2003 no difference j select role, You Can See addroles click to bring up Add role wizard, click next appears, for example:


We chooseWebserver (IIS), ContinueNext, We knowIis7.0Fully componentized,(ToApacheBack to more users?J)There are many components for us to choose. In my memory, there are several components that must be selected. The first one is of courseASP. NET, User permissions, and compatibilityIis6.0You cannot miss it either. Please refer:


After the installation, let's see what it looks like? HoweverVistaAlmost, two of them surprised me the most.IIS manager,One is6.0Such:

SelectIIS 6.0 ManagerAnd2003But I don't know anything. Maybe I haven't understood the features yet. Let's just look at it.IIS ManagerRight!

 The home page is good. Other pages andVistaThe interface is not much different, so I will not talk about it here. It is worth mentioning thatLonghorn ServerThe built-in firewall seems to be very powerful, and the interface looks a bit likeIsaBut that is what administrators are most concerned about. Leave it to others for research. PairLonghorn ServerThe overall feeling is good, noVistaSo fancy and fast, but not enoughVistaI am almost used to it. Below is my computer gradeJ


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