IIS7.5 pseudo static script ing configuration method, iis7.5

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IIS7.5 pseudo static script ing configuration method, iis7.5

First, it is the configuration of IIS7.0. Because the default IIS version of Windows Server 2008 is 7.0, we know that IIS7.0 and IIS6.0

Core Note: first set the application pool to the integration mode, modify OK, and then change to the classic mode. Otherwise, the hosting program will be released. The rest can be operated in this mode.

The operation interface of is quite different ,:

1. IIS7.0 operation interface:

2. Create an application pool for creating a new website and match the website. Note that after you create a new website under IIS7, the application pool will be automatically created. You do not need to create an application pool.
3. Add a website details page:

4. After entering all the information, click OK. (Note: you cannot click OK if you do not enter the website information)
5. After the website is created, the next step is to configure the pseudo-static state. How can I configure the pseudo-static state in IIS7?
Note: The above are the original steps. Next, we will introduce the steps added under Windows Server 2008 and IIS7.0,
Let's take a closer look;
(1) Change the application pool to integration mode
(2) Add script ing.
Open the IIS homepage, find the handler ing option, and double-click it,




The following page is displayed, and the "add script ing" column is found in the "operation" column in the upper right corner ,:


Figure (6)

Find the "add script ing" column and click to enter. A dialog box is displayed, and the Request Path is set *. html. the executable file is % windir % \ Microsoft. NET \ Framework \ v2.0.50727 \ aspnet_isapi.dll, the name can be set to htmlrequest ,:



Click the request limit button, select the "Predicate" column, and set the predicate to GET, HEAD, POST, DEBUG,

(3) Add a wildcard script ing
(Path: * Executable File: C: \ Windows \ Microsoft. NET \ Framework \ v2.0.50727 \ aspnet_isapi.dll
Name: arbitrary, such as All)
In the handler ing, find the Add wildcard script ing option in the upper-right corner ,:

Click Add wildcard script ing, path :*
The executable file is C: \ Windows \ Microsoft. NET \ Framework \ v2.0.50727 \ aspnet_isapi.dll,
The name can be set to all.


(4) Hosting handler ing, steps are the same as before:

(Path :*

Executable File: System. Web. UI. PageHandlerFactory

Arbitrary name, such as Html-Integrate) --------> (no need to process request restrictions)


(5) Add a managed Module
, Find the module option in the website view, and double-click to open it:

Figure (13)
In the upper-right corner, select "add managed module", enter "all" as the name, and change the type to URLRewriter. ModuleRewriter. Select "asp" as the upper/lower check box. Net application or a request made by a hosting program:


(6) change the application pool to the classic Mode

In this way, in Windows Server 2008, the IIS static configuration of IIS7.0 is completely completed. Next, you can perform operations as normal. Now, in the Windows Server 2008 operating system, static Solution for IIS7.0

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