IJH Jianghu home decoration Portal system V5.0 commercial cracked version, now provides 12 business templates with mobile phone version

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: This article mainly introduces IJH Jianghu home decoration Portal system V5.0 commercial crack version, and then presents 12 sets of commercial templates with a mobile phone version. if you are interested in PHP tutorials, please refer to it. The home decoration Portal system of IJH Jianghu has been attracting a lot of attention. Today, we will share this latest home decoration Portal system V5.0 for free, and we will also present 12 business templates for free. In addition, the source code program is very clean, rather than adding a large number of advertisement files to the outside VIP source code forum, or even inserting encrypted ad code and backdoors.

IJH Jianghu home decoration portal system is a home O2O system developed using PHP + MYSQL, full site SEO, suitable for websites in the home vertical field. Main sections of the website include: I want to decorate (decoration bidding), find decoration (Company, designer, etc., preferential information), I search my house (residential area, real estate), learn decoration (decoration diary, Q & A, classroom), activities, home Mall, etc. The site also supports mobile browsing.
To install this system space, you must support hp5.3. we recommend that you contact our customer service to purchase a professional php space!

This set of programs must be PHP 5.3 or later and installed with: Zend Guard Loader
If not installed, ZendGuardLoader has this file in the directory, you can install ZendGuardLoader-php-5.3-Windows.
For PHP environments not available, it is recommended: http://www.phpstudy.net/download integration package.
The database must be created before installation.
Portal system of jianghu household
The portal system V5.0 has experienced a major upgrade from one year and a half.
Environment and operating system requirements
+ Shards +
1. the Portal system of jianghu household has the cross-platform feature and can run on Linux, FreeBSD, Unix, and Microsoft Windows 2000/2003, XP, and NT.
And other operating system environments. We have done a lot of tests and field tests on the above operating system in the software to ensure the Portal system of jianghu household.
It can run securely and stably in the above system, but you still need to take security precautions at the server operating system level.
For example, Windows users need to change the initial root password of MySQL for Windows to avoid reading and writing files across directories. Unix-like users need to avoid
Use too simple passwords to avoid reading and writing files across user directories, and do a good job of other related software (such as Sendmail, ftpd, httpd) on the server)
And later versions.
If you rent a virtual host, the provider of formal and technically powerful virtual hosts has prepared for the operating system. you do not have
Follow this section.
2. the Linux/FreeBSD operating system is recommended, which is free of charge and provides better stability and load capabilities.
+ Shards +
The portal system of jianghu household must have the following software installed on the server:
+ Shards +
1. mainstream WEB servers (such as Apache, IIS, and Nginx), php 5.2 or 5.3 environments,
And install Zend Optimizer3.X (applicable to PHP5.2) or Zend Guard Loader (applicable to PHP5.3 ),
MySQL 5.0 and later versions, we recommend that you use the latest stable version of the above Software. it not only has more features, but also has fixed known security vulnerabilities.
2. your MySQL database account should have execution permissions such as CREATE, DROP, and ALTER. at the same time, the file space should be no less than 100 MB, and the database space should not be less than 10 MB.
Generally, your virtual space meets this condition to meet the normal operation of the vast majority of network software, including Portal systems.
If you do not know the details, please consult your space provider.
3. install tools and software that may be used
The jianghu Portal system development team tries its best to make the installation steps simple and convenient, but some commonly used tools and software may still be used. If
If you upload the Portal system to the server over the network, you may need an FTP client.
Use the FTP client software to upload related files to the server. At the same time, you may need a simple text file editing software,
Used to modify parameters in the configuration file. general third-party software such as UltraEdit, EditPlus, notepad ++ are competent. Portal system requirements
When you upload a php file using FTP, the file is in BINARY format. Otherwise, the file cannot be used normally.

Note: If you are using a windows system, do not use the system's built-in "notepad" program to open any files in the portal system, even if
We recommend that you do not use the "notepad" program. When notepad is opened, it will write a vertex to the first part of the file content.
Generally, it cannot be seen in the program (including the notepad itself), but the normal operation of the program will be affected due to the existence of this point. Do not use notepad with caution.
+ Shards +

Start to install the Portal system of jianghu household
+ Shards +
Upload all files under the upload directory to the root directory of your website, and then open the following URL: http: // your domain name/index. php
If this is the first installation, the system will automatically jump to the installation interface. you only need to fill in the relevant information as required to complete the installation. after the installation is complete, you can use it.
Backend management path: http: // your domain name/admin/
Background default account: ijianghu default password: ijianghu
Reinstallation method: If you have already installed the lock file in the system/data directory, you can reinstall it.
After installation, delete the install directory to prevent installation problems.

Enable pseudo-static
+ Shards +
1. Configure Your Server (IIS, Apache, and Nginx) to support the Rewrite function,
2. the installation package contains the rewrite rules of the corresponding server apache(.htaccess#nginx(nginx.txt ),
IIS6 (ISAPI_Rewrite2.x: httpd. ini, ISAPI_Rewreite3.x, ISAPI_Rewrite3.htaccess), IIS7 (Web. Config)
3. enable rewrite in website background settings> website settings
+ Shards +

In addition, it indicates that during the installation process, the domain name is not required for authorization. leave it blank to install it.

Template installation instructions

Overwrite the themes folder to the program root directory, and then log on to the background:
Choose "Settings"> "Template settings"> "Template management" to install or manage the template.

Mobile version description

Jianghu household V5 Mobile Edition
Installation Instructions
1. FTP uploads all files in the upload directory to the root directory of your website.
2. Enable 3G website in website management background settings> website settings
3. access http: // yourdomain/mobile/index. php through the browser
If you need to generate an application APP, you can apply online. if you do not understand the application, contact the purchaser for advice.

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The above section introduces the commercial release version V5.0 of the H Jianghu home decoration portal system, and presents 12 commercial templates with the mobile phone version, including the content, if you are interested in PHP tutorials.

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