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1. Purge recently used document Records

For example, in Windows XP, right-click the "Start" button, select "Properties", in the pop-up settings taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog window Midpoint "Custom" button, in the "Customize the Start Menu" dialog box in the Advanced tab click "Clear List." To get the system to never be romantic. Remember to use the document's record, remove the hook before listing my recently opened document.

Tip: XP places the shortcuts for the most recent access to documents in the C:documents and Settings username recent, and deleting them manually also makes the document menu "Out of memory."

2. Delete the contents of the temporary folder

When you perform an operation such as installing software, opening a document, and so on, leaving a file in the temporary folder, you can manually clear the contents of the following locations: C:windowstemp, c:documents, and settings, local settingstemp. If you are prompted to use a file when you delete it, you need to turn off the program, preferably restart it again.

3. Clear the history of the run, find, and so on

to clear the entries recorded in the Run dialog box, you can modify the registry. These records are stored in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER


RunMRU "Branch, remove it completely and reboot. In addition, the "Docfindspecmru" item under the primary key, displayed in the right-hand column is the history of "find", which can be deleted together.

4. Hidden in IE whereabouts

the Internet, there will be a lot of information to reflect your actions, this is also a great deal?

① empty Internet temporary folders

Others look at the "Internet temporary folder" under the pictures, Flash and other documents can be generally know you have been to the site. To clear them, click tools → Internet options in the IE menu bar in turn. Open the Internet Options dialog box, click the "Delete File" button in the General tab, check "Delete all offline content" in the pop-up Delete Files window, and click OK.

② I don't want cookies,

cookies can also be a "culprit" for leaks, and you can delete them by clicking the Remove Cookies button in the General tab of the Internet Options dialog box, and then clicking OK after the pop-up window.

tip: One way to insure is to go to the Internet temporary folder after surfing the Internet (the folder can be set under the General option of the Internet Options dialog box to see where it is located) and delete all of its contents so that temporary files and cookies will be purged.

③ eliminates the history of accessing Web pages

IE will write down the history of the last three weeks of the visit, to be clear of the "no mark on the net", just delete all the contents of the "C:documents and Settings username local settingshistory" folder. You can also click the Purge History button under the General tab of the Internet Options dialog box.

to make IE do not record access history, under the General option of the Internet Options dialog box, change the number of days that the page is saved in the history record from the default of 20 to 0.

④ Clear IE remember the contents of the form

when you visit a Web site, some pages will prompt for input, for example, search will require input search content, login mailbox to fill in the user name, password-these things will be automatically recorded by IE. To remove them, click the AutoComplete button under the Content tab of the Internet Options dialog box. Remove the hook before the form, user name and password on the form, and prompt me to save the password in the Pop-up AutoComplete dialog box, and then click the Clear form, clear password button, "OK" when asked.

⑤ Delete URLs in the Address bar list

in the IE Address bar when you enter a part of the letter to visit the site will automatically open the list, which has recently visited the matching site, which also have to clear.

Click the AutoComplete button under the Content tab of the Internet Options dialog box to open the AutoComplete dialog box and remove the hook before the web address.

If the installation of "Chinese web site" software, using the above method can not be the Address bar list of "Network real name" to clear, at this point, under the Advanced tab of the Internet Options dialog box, select the clear network name displayed in the Address bar Drop-down list in network real name, and click OK.

tips: When the above operation, do not forget to empty the Recycle Bin. If it is not cleaned up here, it will be undone.

two, clear your "whereabouts" in the application

Some software will record information such as files that have been opened. So after cleaning up the traces in the system, don't forget to clear the traces that were left in the application.

1. Also a clean system of QQ

QQ will automatically record login number and chat record, how can "chat without leaving traces"? Very simple, as long as the QQ login dialog box midpoint "clear Record" button, the system will be prompted whether to delete all the corresponding record files, check the entry, and then enter the QQ login password, click "OK" can be.

In addition, in the QQ2004 can choose the login mode, such as do not want to exit QQ after saving related records, you can choose "Internet Café mode." If you do not trust, it is best to quit QQ after the manual removal of QQ folder with your number named folder.

2. Clear the Logon account information in MSN Messenger

when you log in to MSN Messenger, the next time you log on will automatically appear the last username, to remove it you can double-click "user account" in Control Panel, then select the current login account, and then select the "Create my net PASSPORT" item, click on the left "related tasks" Manage My network password ", in the Save Username and Password dialog box, select the account that you want to delete, and click the" Delete "button.

3. Eliminate traces of use in office series software

Office series software saves shortcuts to open files, and you need to go to the C:documents and Settings username Application datamicrosoftofficerecent folder and delete the files.

In addition, a few recent files are recorded in Word, click the "Tools" → "Options" menu items, under the "General" tab to remove the "list of recently used files," The tick before, so that it does not appear. In Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and so on have the appropriate options, you can follow the same method to remove traces.

4. Clear the Download information in the Internet Express

the Internet will automatically save the download file information, to clear the following methods: In the Internet Express, delete items in the downloads and downloads folders (items that are deleted are placed in the deleted folder), and then delete the contents of the deleted folder completely.

5. Clear the record of "Storm Audio and video"

Storm audio and video will automatically record previously played files, click "View"/"Options", on the right side of the Options dialog box to remove the "keep the recent history of open Files", determine the playback record can be removed.

6. Eliminate RealOne Playback Records

Click Parameter Settings on the Tools menu, and in the pop-up dialog box, in the category, select the normal item and click Purge History. If you do not want to automatically record playback records, you need to cancel the "Allow display of History list in File menu" option.

7. Clears the history of Windows Media player

In the WMP player, click the "Tools" → "options" → "privacy" item, clicking the Purge History button to delete the information stored in the Open and open URLs dialog boxes on the File menu; Click Clear CD/VCD You can delete all media information for a stored CD and DVD that you have played. In order for it to stop recording, remove the "Save file and URL history in the Player" tab before the hook.

8. Let ime not "memory"

many input methods will automatically remember what you have entered. Here are some input methods to illustrate how to let it "amnesia."

① Intelligent ABC: It does not display the memory content in the prompt line, but it will be used to save the vocabulary in the C:\Windows\System folder in the "Tmmr.rem" file, delete it. If you want It "amnesia", you can right-click the Input method icon to open "property settings", in the dialog box to remove the "word frequency adjustment" before the hook selected.

② Pinyin: Right-click the input icon, select Settings, and then under the Settings tab, select Disable Word frequency adjustment. To avoid the need to adjust the frequency of the word, choose "Disable" under "word Frequency adjustment".

③ Chen Qiao Wubi: Chen Qiao Wubi will automatically record the entered content in C:\chenhu2\cwbzlcz1.chh and Cwbzlcz2.chh files, open with WordPad can be viewed, this will not leak? So be sure to remove them after use.

9. Clear the Internet record with Maxthon

If you use the Maxthon browser to surf the Internet, that to clear the traces of the internet is very simple, you do not need to clear the page history, search history, cookies, etc., just click on the "Tools" menu "clear browsing Record" → "Clear All", and in the pop-up dialog box click "Yes" can be.

10. Clear Foxmail mail address records

use Foxmail to send a message, the address in the recipient column will be remembered, as long as the first character input this address will be automatically completed, it seems that it will leak.

Click tools → system settings in Foxmail, click the Purge History button under the General tab, and click Yes in the pop-up dialog box. You can also manually clear the mail address record: Use Notepad to open the Foxmail.adc file under the Foxmail installation folder, delete the contents, and then save the file.

Tip: If you set the FOXMAIL.ADC file to read-only, the address you enter later will not be recorded.

after the above remedial measures, in the use of the computer basically will not leave clues. In order to ensure that the use of computer traces wipe clean and thorough, it is recommended that at the end of the clean-up restart the computer after the shutdown.

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