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Why should the chain of anti-theft? You know, respect for intellectual property, webmaster toil, boil more night out of the resources, on other sites ruthless collection walk ... Truly distressed.

Incidentally to remind webmaster: only the basic anti-theft chain only the so-called anti-theft chain exception, the Super Anti-Theft chain is through key to match. There is no exception to the argument.

This time, we assume that the resources are RAR and AVI files, and we come to add panels:

Compared to the basic anti-theft chain, we mainly set the public key fixed IP binding form of the Super anti-theft chain.

Directory, we set up the Mydownload directory relative to the site. Of course, if it's a separate program pool (a Web site can support multiple subdirectory pools) or a virtual directory, we want to specify it as an absolute path. We do not consider the situation of the virtual directory for the moment. A lot of things don't need to be so complicated.

Click Add, and the rules are added.

When you add, you may get the following tips:

Point OK, with key, definitely the key to select the Anti-Theft chain panel: Start public key anti-theft mechanism this switch. The suggestion is long open lest you forget it. Later versions may remove this switch (this switch is for temporary debugging only). Similar to a total switch. So if you see this version with this hint, even if it does not help you open it automatically, please select it yourself.

Of course, it's not over yet. Super Anti-Theft chain will also prompt you how to use the SDK file to do with. The specific SDK is used under the SDK for the VIF installation directory. Webmaster will not be programmed, you can find a programming siege division to consult. You can also ask our group. Our group has a large number of unprofessional siege divisions. They are very warm and kind. - -!。。

Click OK to continue. Hope you have not lost patience, seriously with me down, very soon, you become a burglar chain cock silk. Come on...

Look at our SDK.

What is the SDK, is to cooperate with your site a small piece of code, very simple, inserted into the site can start to work. Don't worry, if you don't insert a Web page, or if the site is encrypted, we'll also introduce the cookie burglar chain later.

Vif_pubkey is the public key, in fact, is a string of numbers, the actual calculation is in lowercase characters to calculate. This string corresponds to the one in your software. Where is it? I send a picture to deepen your memory:

Copy this string in the software to vif_fdl.asp. Of course, I use ASP to give you a demo. Software with PHP SDK, the same can be used. The process is exactly the same.

Anti-Theft chain Public key can also set their own, what you set up, only you know, please do not easily disclose your this string in other sites. As you can see from the SDK, our Super anti-theft chain is done in a MD5 calculation way.

Set it up, and we'll save the point. Copy the vif_fdl.asp to the place where your site can be called.

Let's write a piece of code:

Throw this code on the host and look at it:

The above 2 diagrams illustrate this:

If you have direct access to the Http:// file, you will get an error message if you do not bring the following string.

I will show you the results of the demonstration directly to the 2 map to see the people know.

With key access:

Do you understand me, dear?

Friendship Reminder: Vspublic can not be modified,

Vspublic corresponding Getvskey corresponding public key anti-theft chain + fixed IP

Vspublic2 corresponding Getvskey2 corresponding public key anti-theft chain + fixed ip+ current file full name

PHP can also be used in the same way, I will continue to demonstrate the use of VSPUBLIC2, this step in the first step, the primary siege master can be done. Please contact us, we are free to help you solve.

Vspublic2 and vspublic The difference is that vspublic2 more than a file name, increased the complexity of the chain of anti-theft. Let the other side of the calculation more trouble.

Write a Vspublic2 code:

Look at all the parameters I've changed in the Green box. Vspublic became VSPUBLIC2, Getvskey became Getvskey2, and added a parameter to the filename.

At the same time, we modify the security chain rules to change it to the following rules:


Pay attention to the red box above. OK, I must have read it better than that. I can't wait to test our results.

Take this string to visit and see, Success:

If you are a general webmaster, with Vspublic can complete the general mission of the chain of anti-theft. If you use Vspublic2, then it will be quite tricky. Experienced, recommend the use of Vspublic2.

How do you share resources?

Get the SDK file and your public key key, apply it to your other child stations or tell your closest webmaster friends, that's all you can do. They can create a string of links according to the gourd.

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