Illustration tutorial on creating fashionable sofa and beautiful women's business illustrations using Illustrator

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I will give you a detailed analysis of the Illustrator software to share with you the tutorials on drawing the commercial illustration of fashion sofa and beauty.
Tutorial sharing:
The original photographic works are shown in Figure 1:


Figure 1
The complete vector file is shown in Figure 2:


Figure 2
The following describes how to create an illustration:
1. First, we use Illustrator to present the data. Because it is a vector illustration, the block surface is obvious. For beginners who have no experience, you can use Photoshop's wooden filter to observe the dark and dark layers of the original photography. Use Photoshop to open the original photographic image, and use the menu: filter-artistic effect-wood carving, as shown in figure 3. Drag the slider separately to watch the changes in the color block of the screen, so that you can be aware of the illustrations behind it. See Figure 4.


Figure 3


Figure 3
2. Open the Illustrator software, click File> New (ctrl + N) in the menu, and create a new file with the name of commercial illustration and A4, the orientation is horizontal and the color mode is RGB, as shown in Figure 5:


Figure 5
3. We officially entered the commercial illustration phase. First, we started from the big color block and drew it in the order from the big to the small and from the far to the near. Click the pen tool in the toolbox (shortcut: P), draw the closed path of the sofa in the screen, and fill the color with # AD6D2B, as shown in figure 6.


Figure 6
4. Use the pen tool to draw the bright surface of the sofa backrest in the same way. And fill the color with # CA9247, as shown in Figure 7.


Figure 7
5. Use the same method to draw the two sides as shown in the figure and fill the color. As shown in figure 8.


Figure 8
6. Continue to use the pen tool to draw beautiful women's skirts. And fill the color with # D73327. As shown in Figure 9.


Figure 9
7. Continue to use the pen tool to draw the basic shape of the hair and fill it with dark gray. As shown in Figure 10.


Figure 10
8. Use the pen tool to draw the shape of the feet and boots respectively, and fill in the colors shown in Figure 11.


Figure 11
9. Continue to use the pen tool to draw the basic shape of the arm and fill in the color shown in Figure 12.


Figure 12
10. Continue to use the pen tool to draw the appearance and hair details path and fill in the color shown in Figure 13.


Figure 13
Now, we have obtained a large color block vector illustration, as shown in Figure 14.


Figure 14
11. We will continue to use the pen tool to draw the color block change path and fill the corresponding color, as shown in Figure 15.


Figure 15
12. We will use closed paths to show beautiful women's facial features. Continue to use the pen tool to draw the facial feature path and fill in the corresponding color. As shown in Figure 16.


Figure 16
13. Continue to use the pen tool and draw the details of each part based on the color order changes in the Photoshop effect, as shown in red circles in Figure 17.


Figure 17
14. Background creation. The background created in this tutorial is relatively simple. You can use the oval tool in the toolbox to draw a circle and fill the color in the work area. See Figure 18.


Figure 18
15. Select the circle you just drawn, execute the menu: Effect-Blur-Gaussian blur, and set the radius to 5.4, as shown in Figure 19.


Figure 19
16. Execute the menu window-opacity (shortcut: Shift + Ctrl + F10) and set the opacity of the positive circle to 39%, as shown in Figure 20.


Figure 20
17. Copy the positive circle and move it to the appropriate position (you can select the tool mode, press alt + mouse to copy), and set the fill color to a random variety of bright colors, see Figure 21.
Final effect:


All right, the above information is all the content that I have shared with all the users of this software of Illustrator, including the tutorials for creating fashionable sofa and beautiful commercial illustration renderings, I believe that you are very clear about the method of drawing, so you can follow the tutorial to draw a commercial illustration of fashion sofa and beauty.
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