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To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the production of vector-style geometric background portrait effect of the tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
First, the WPAP of the drawing process
Today we want to learn to use AI to make Wpap portrait, then, before this, we need to briefly understand the WPAP drawing process. WPAP's goal is to use an alternative style technique to express the facial details of the characters, to make the character's face exaggerated but not to make it difficult to identify. Here the so-called "alternative" is to be more dramatic, more personality characteristics, greater shock effect, of course, if possible, it will be pleasing.
Based on this, the creation process is mainly divided into two parts: facial decomposition and polishing. When I was drawing, these two parts were carried out at the same time.
1, facial decomposition process
In the process of facial decomposition, by tracing the original image, we can divide the portrait into a number of details, which I call "detail fragmentation" here. These detail fragments are divided according to the different light and dark parts of the original artwork, you need to carefully observe the details of the original image in the creation process in order to make division judgment. This kind of practice is explained in another tutorial of mine. Each detail fragment is a straight graph, not a curve. I think that's because the line graph is more powerful than the curve.
Before the facial decomposition process, we need to image the portrait as a sphere, on the surface of the sphere by a piece of rectangular mosaic. As shown in the orb shown in the following figure.

2. Polishing process
When polishing, I used a solid color rather than gradient, which will make the shape more prominent. Although these colors make people feel not very harmonious, but this will allow the picture to show the 3D stereo effect.
Experienced creators classify colors into groups, and you can divide them into "strong" groups, "warm" groups, and "cool" groups. Only consider the color of the light and shade, but ignore its hue. More from the high light, the middle and the shadow parts to Polish. This grouping makes the picture appear to be three-dimensional. No matter what color you use, you just use the correct color group, the final effect will not let you down. Therefore, this is also a training of color matching an important link.
II. Preparation of documents
Because the facial decomposition needs to copy the original image, so the original selection is also important. This is about the portrait of the painting, so we need to choose a high definition of portrait image, it should have a more significant contrast, sharpening degree, and the composition is also more beautiful, these are the process of copying important details.
Select a good original file, open the AI, a new document, I created here is 1024px*640 px, resolution of the PPI. The length and breadth of the document is as comfortable as possible with the original artwork. However, the size requirements in vector graphs are not so stringent.
Drag the original image into it, click on "Embed", will be locked, in the original chart layer on top of a new layer.

Third, the first piece of "detail fragment"
Let's start with the eyes, in the iris part of the eyeball. With the pen tool, draw the first fragment, close the stroke, and the fill color is selected and debugged in the color swatch (shortcut key F6). In general, the eyes as far as possible to maintain the primary color, and other facial colors to maintain contrast, so that the eyes look more prominent. The eye is also the most powerful basis for identifying details.

The other parts of the eyeball are also drawn with the pen tool, while the drawing is kept straight, and the anchor points can be concentrated at the edge of the larger radian. The initial selection of the anchor points is as consistent as possible with the rest of the debris, so that the picture does not cause many "gaps" in the middle. The color of the colors in the color reference to find the appropriate color, which is to keep the color coordination of a secret.

When you are behind the drawing hidden in front of the drawing, then you can move the back of the graphic, the shortcut is "ctrl+[." Follow this step, choose the rhythm of your own habits, use the pen tool piece to "piece together" the details of the ministry. Special attention is the contrast of light and shade, which is especially important for the three-dimensional shape.

As far as the eyes are concerned, it is not wrong to have as many details as possible. Use color to keep the contrast with other parts of the colors as much as possible.

Let's continue with the following steps:
Use the Pen tool to outline graphics, the graphic edges remain straight, using the "Color" panel to fill the color, if necessary, put the new layer below, then draw another eye, the color does not necessarily adhere to the original, but also can not deviate too far, otherwise it will let the viewer confused.

Four, complete the whole face
Facial features as much detail as possible, this is the highlight of the facial characteristics of the place. And the other parts of the face with larger color block, the color block as far as possible to keep the orderly arrangement. Highlights can be used in white or other near-white colors to enhance the effect of high light. The darker part of the shadow also strengthens the human eye's recognition of the shadow.

In the process of drawing, you can also constantly adjust the already filled pieces, change color or change the shape, so that the whole picture looks more harmonious and beautiful.
Five, the hair of the descriptive
The character face uses the painting processing, then wants to draw the hair the time, in order to avoid because of the color messy but cannot divide the hair and the facial demarcation, the hair color best uses the large area solid color to treat.
The hair of the high light detail, such as away from the face of the part of the use of painting, and color is best to choose the same color, and the primary color approach, so that the effect will make the face highlighted, at the same time, can be very good to show the details of the hair.

Vi. remaining Parts
After the face is finished, there will be some body parts, then you can choose to keep in color, or you can use solid color, such as black and white gray to fill. All in all, let your hair stand alone and let your body come out and add details to it.
The final artwork is formed, closes the original image, creates a new layer below, fills in the background which oneself likes. The work is done on this.

Okay, the above information is small make up to you illustrator this software users of the detailed production of vector-style geometric background portrait effect of the entire content of the tutorial to share, you see the user here, small series believe that we are very clear the production method of it, Then everyone will go to the small series of tutorials themselves to make it.

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