Illustrator custom hexagonal seamless collage pattern effect tutorial

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Let's give you a detailed analysis of the effects of creating a hexagonal seamless collage pattern.
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The effect is shown in the following figure:


Zoom in at the vertex


Fill effect chart


First, draw the regular hexagonal


Fill in the outer tangent radius and number of edges respectively.


Rotate 90 degrees and roughly align as shown in the figure to find the minimum element of seamless collage.


As shown in the figure, the part in the red line box is the smallest part.


The height of the red rectangle is the length of one side of the hexagonal height plus hexagonal side, and the width is the width of the hexagonal side. Draw a rectangle according to the Red Rectangle. Place the rectangle as far as possible without covering the side and angle.


Set the stroke and fill color of the rectangle to none, and place it at the bottom layer.
Operation: Select the red rectangle, press "/", and then press "ctrl + shift + [". Delete the no-pressed hexagonal shape on the left and select all the rectangles and hexagonal shapes.


Drag the color palette,


Generate a new pattern palette,


Now we can fill the drawing or text in a seamless hexagonal way by filling the color ....
All right, the above information is the detailed definition of the hexagonal seamless collage pattern effect tutorial for the users of Illustrator's software, users can see that the method of drawing is very clear now, so you can follow the small series of tutorials to try the results.

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