Illustrator design a smiling little octopus to draw a tutorial

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For your illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the design of the smiling Little Octopus painting Tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
One, the face:
1. Create a new document (CTRL + N), draw a circle with the Oval tool (L), fill the green, remove the stroke, and then use the Direct Selection tool (A), and drag the anchor point below.

Figure 01
2, in situ copy paste ellipse (ctrl+f) and placed in the top (ctrl+shift+]), and then with the selection tool (V) up drag, fill light green.

Figure 02
3. Ellipse tool (L) draw 5-6 elliptical spots, keep shape unchanged only transform size, fill lighter green, then select All (Ctrl + a), grouping (CTRL+G).

Figure 03
Two or five officers:
4, to complete the mouth. Open the Smart Guide (ctrl+u), draw a circle with the oval tool, and then draw a rectangle with the rectangle tool (M) to the top, align the bottom of the rectangle with the center of the circle, select two graphics, apply the Pathfinder (CTRL+SHIFT+F9)-Subtract from the shape.

Figure 04
5, to complete the teeth and tongue. The Ellipse tool draws the circle, selects the circle, presses the mouse to hold, simultaneously press alt+shift, the horizontal drag and drop the circle, releases the mouse in the appropriate position to complete the horizontal duplication; then groups, aligns with the semicircle center.

Figure 05
6, in situ replication semicircle (ctrl+f), and then select one of the semicircular and grouped two circular intersecting, get teeth.

Figure 06
7, finish the tongue. The Ellipse tool draws a circle, aligns with the semicircle center, in-place copy semicircle (ctrl+f), selects one semicircle and just draws the circle, the application intersects, gets the tongue.

Figure 07
8, for the tongue color. Select the Gradient tool to fill the tongue with a pink gradient. Mouth finish, choose mouth, teeth, tongue, group.

Figure 08
9, put the mouth part in the face suitable position, apply center alignment.

Figure 09
10, draw eyes. Use the elliptical tool to draw the eyes, as shown below, and then group.

Figure 10
11, put the eyes in the right position, and then hold down the mouse, while pressing Alt+shift, right drag and drop in the right position to open, complete the eyes.

Figure 11
Third, the completion of tentacles.
12, Draw tentacles. The pen tool draws a curve, a 15pt stroke, clicks the round header option after the stroke panel weight, and then applies the object-path-contour stroke, filling the light green.

Figure 12
13, in situ replication tentacles (ctrl+f), and then select one of the tentacles, hold down the mouse +alt+shift, drag down, the right place to release the mouse, complete the copy, fill Green; then the tentacles and drag-and-pull to copy the tentacles of the intersection.

Figure 13
14, the same method, complete the other tentacles, the following figure:

Figure 14
Iv. completion of the background.
15, the new layer (CTRL + N), placed on the ground floor. The Rectangle tool (M) draws the rectangle and then fills the radial gradient (G) to adjust the color.

Figure 15
16, the commonly used radiation light. The rectangle tool draws the rectangle, then applies the effect-distort and transform-free twist, holding down shift with the mouse to the upper-left corner and the point in the upper-right corner swap position, click OK; Apply Object-expand appearance to freeform graphics.

Figure 16
17, to get the graphic application of the Rotation tool, double-click the Rotation tool, open the rotation panel, angle of 20, click Copy, and then keep the copied graphics in the selection state, according to the ctrl+d for equal spacing copy, the resulting radiation light group, transparency to 50%.

Figure 17
18, the radiation light to create opaque masks. The Ellipse tool draws a circle, fills the radial black and white gradient, snaps to the center of the radiation Light, selects both, clicks the triangle in the upper right corner of the transparency panel, and applies an opaque mask. Opaque mask, black for completely blindfolded, white for completely not blindfolded.

Figure 18
19, draw the stars. The Ellipse tool draws a circle and then applies effects-distortions and transformations-shrinkage and dilation, values:-70%, click OK; Copy the resulting stars and scatter them on the background.

Figure 19
20, put the small octopus in the background suitable location, complete.

Okay, the above information is small make up to you illustrator of this software users of the detailed design of the small octopus to draw the full content of the course to share, you see the users here to believe that we now see here is very familiar with the drawing method of it, Then we quickly go to the small series of tutorials to draw their favorite small octopus bar.

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