Illustrator design Beautiful spiral dot pattern drawing Tutorial

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To you illustrator software users to detailed analysis of the design of the beautiful spiral dot pattern of the drawing tutorial.
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1. Free to pull the vertical and horizontal one of the guide line, take the cross location point. Draw a circle, no fill, pure line is good. Please refer to the picture for the position of the circle.

2. Rotate the tool, press ALT and click the cross intersection to appear this window. Set 6 degrees, press copy.

3. Keep pressing Ctrl+d, if the 2nd step is correct, you can draw such as picture of the net.

4. Change one of the circles to a different color, and copy one for the next standby. Then select the entire mesh of the circle, ctrl+2 lock. (The mesh is just a guide and will not be used later.) )

5. Draw a small two black dots, center alignment is changed color line. The size of the black dots should not be larger than the net grain lattice.

6. Will just copy the spare Circle line back to the original color of the circle, the more than 2 black spots removed. will get an arc shape. (Arc type starting point is black dot, end point is black big circle point.) The picture is to let everyone see clearly the arc segment about looks so move to the blank, in fact this line will be pressed on the color of the circle. )

7. Select two black spots, object > Gradient > Production. (The number of circles in the two dots due to the gradient is OK, then it will be adjusted.) )

8. Select the object, Arc, object > Gradient > Replace rotation of the black dot gradient at the same time. Dot will follow the arc run??

9. The same as Step 2, rotate the tool, press ALT and then click the Cross intersection. Set 6 degrees, press copy.

10. The same as Step 3, Non-stop press CTRL+D, will grow a beautiful spiral dot pattern.


It is easier to observe the pattern by moving it to a blank place. The biggest black spot in the outer ring is a bit overlapping. It doesn't matter, then you have to make the square type Nest smoke Alarm will be repaired. Need to fine-tune the part of the very many, will certainly repeat the production of N times, be patient oh. This is the field of geometric mathematics, there must be a formula exists, but I do not understand. I did not miss Math to run to design, do not embarrass me. Try it a few more times.
Well, the above information is small set to you illustrator of this software users brought the detailed design of the beautiful spiral dot pattern of the drawing tutorials to share the entire content of the you see the users here, small knitting believe that everyone is now very clear the method of making it, Then everyone will go to follow the small part of the tutorial to share their own to draw it.

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