Illustrator design complex five-star composition pattern drawing tutorial

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I will give you a detailed analysis of the Illustrator software and share with you the tutorial on creating a complex five-star pattern.
Tutorial sharing:
The figure we want to create is as follows:


The specific method of drawing the graphic design tutorial is as follows:


1. Draw one image .. In this step, we need to take the position (center) of the bottom anchor)


2. Select the one above, press the R key, and do not click somewhere else. At this time, press ALT on the first anchor and click the left button to bring up the rotary panel, set 10 stars to 36 degrees. OK. Then, press dddddddddd several times ,,



Angle 61.8--Next, press dddddddddd to press your hand ,,


For parameter settings, see 52.6% to 18 degrees ..



All right, the above information is the detailed design of the complex five-star composition pattern drawing tutorial for all the users of Illustrator's software, users now see that this is a very clear way to draw, so everyone will go to the small series of tutorials to draw a complex five-star composition pattern.

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