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To the users of the illustrator software to the detailed analysis to share the drawing of color dot photos tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:

First step
Open illustrator, import the photos, and then use the Filter/create/object MOSAIC on the menu.

Second Step
After the pop-up dialog box, click Use RATIO, using the original proportions of the picture. Then you'll see that the width and height of the number of tiles change, that is the picture according to the proportion of the number of blocks, but the number of blocks too few, we can appropriately increase several times, I increased 4 times times, the higher the speed of the operation of the month slowly, must be equal to increase, or wide and high deformation!

Third Step
My settings are as follows, used 4 times times.

Fourth Step
Then dissolve the group.

Fifth Step
Right-click on the image.

6th step
Scales the image separately.

Seventh Step
Then the image is smooth processing, fill in the value 2.


Well, the above information is small compiled for you illustrator of this software users brought to the detailed drawing of color dot photos of the tutorial to share the full content of the You see the users here, small knitting believe that you see here now is very clear method of it, Then everyone will go to follow the small series to share the tutorial on their own to try to draw some.

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