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I will give you a detailed analysis of the Illustrator software to share with you the tutorial on creating a cute cartoon mobile phone illustration.
Tutorial sharing:
1. Create a new file
As usual, the first thing for each project is to create a file. Click File> create or press Ctrl + N to create a 800*600 pixel file. The settings are as follows:
Canvas quantity: 1 unit: Pixels
Advanced Settings module:
Color mode: RGB raster effect: the screen (72 ppi) alignment the new object with the pixel grid: Select


Give the file a name you like and start the next step.
2. Project layers
Regardless of the project, you should try to use layers, because layers can help you divide your design structure and let you focus on one part at a time, you don't have to be afraid that you accidentally move or put another shape wrong.
Assume that you already know how to use the layer panel, create three layers and name them as follows:
Layer 1: mobile phone image layer 2: Four-sided embellishment layer 3: gradient coverage


3. Start making cute images
Let's make a cute little cell phone image first. After reading the subsequent steps, you will know that this process is really simple.
Step 1
Locate in the first layer, and then create a 168*314 pixel rounded rectangle using the rounded corner rectangle tool. The rounded corner size is 20 pixels and the color is #64c4f1, align the shape with the canvas.


Step 2
Select the rounded rectangle, click the object> path> offset path, and enter the 6px offset value to give the shape a border. Keep the default value for other settings, and then click OK.


Step 3
Set the border color to a deeper color # 1b456b to distinguish between the border and the subject.


Step 4
Use the rectangle tool (M) to create a 230*140 pixel rectangle (color # 659def) as the display, and then give it a 6 pixel thick border (color # 1b456b) select the above two shapes and align them with the middle left and right corner of the mobile phone body. The distance between the screen border and the body border is 38 pixels.


Step 5
Start to add some details: create the sensor (color: # 1b456b) on the top of the mobile phone, the button next to it (color: # 1b456b) and the circle button at the bottom (border color: # 1b456b; fill color: #519fc4 ).


Step 6
Use the elliptic tool (L) to create two 18*18 pixel circles (# 1b456b) as the eyes, and their spacing is 60 pixels.
Create another 28*28 pixel circle as the mouth, change the fill color to stroke (selected Shape> Shift + X), and cut it half, stroke width is set to 6 pixels.
Put your mouth at the bottom of your eyes, then combine the eyes and mouth (Ctrl + G), and align them with the center of the screen.


Step 7
Add cheek, make two 20*20 pixel circles (#4f8bd3), place them under the eyes, and then move a few pixels out.


Step 8
The subject of the mobile phone is almost completed. Next we will add some highlights and shadow details to the mobile phone.
Copy (Ctrl + C> Ctrl + F ), click object> path> offset path and enter the offset of-4px to create the internal offset.
Then, select the copied rounded corner rectangle and the offset rounded corner rectangle, and subtract the top-layer shape from the path finder panel to create a circular highlight, set the color to white (# ffffff), set the blending mode to soft light, and set the opacity to 80%.


Step 9
As in the previous step, add two vertical highlights in the upper right corner of the phone and a 4-pixel horizontal highlight in the outer border of the screen.


Step 10
Add some shadows inside the screen and Home key. The color is black (#000000) and the opacity is 14%.


Step 11
Add the diagonal highlight of the screen (color: white # ffffff; mixed mode: soft light; opacity: 30%), and then add two stars in the upper left corner of the phone (color: white # ffffff; mixed mode: soft light; opacity: 80%)
Select all shapes and click Ctrl + G to merge them into groups.


Step 12
Add a 144*10 pixel elliptic under the mobile phone, set its color to black (#000000), and reduce the opacity to 20%.


We have completed the subject of our illustration, and then we will make some small patterns on the second layer to make the entire picture better and more balanced.
4. Make a four-byte pattern
This part is very simple and interesting, because you have to make many shapes, such as square, circle, cross, triangle, and Diamond, then you embellish them on both sides of your cell phone to get a nice image.
Set the stroke width of these shapes to 4 pixels, color to # 1b456b, and place them properly so that they not only look fun, but also look consistent.


5. Add a gradient covering layer
After adding the pattern around the phone, we can start the last part. The last part is to make and cover a gradient layer, so that the color of our illustration can be more prominent.
Step 1
Copy the main shape of the mobile phone (including the outermost border and the button next to it) and the pattern around the mobile phone (you need to click the object> extension> fill and stroke to expand the pattern ), paste them into the third layer.
Select all shapes, click object> composite path, and then click create. In this way, all your shapes can be taken as a whole block, which is exactly what we want, because we will then overwrite the gradient on them.


Step 2
Select the compound path we just created, and then create a linear gradient from # 0000ff to #00 ffff to ensure that the angle is set to 90 °.


Step 3
Finally, adjust the gradient, adjust the hybrid mode to strong light, and reduce the opacity to 28%.


We're done!
You have learned how to use some basic shapes and tips (gradient and hybrid mode) to create a cute image.
I hope that you will continue to learn new skills. Also, as usual, I look forward to seeing your work.


All right, the above information is the detailed tutorial for creating a cute cartoon mobile phone illustration for all the users of Illustrator's software, you can see that the user here, Xiaobian believes that everyone is very clear about the drawing method, so you can come and draw a cartoon mobile phone illustration according to the tutorial above.

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