I'm a cainiao.

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It took me one night to finish my first Windows ProgramDesign, think that those window is not the key, because it is not difficult to design the window. The key is to write it by yourself. CodeThe part: AlgorithmAnd data structure. Now we also find that many teachers teach us not to pay too much attention to languages, but to data structures and algorithms. Alas, it's too superficial for me to learn data structures and algorithms at the beginning. Now programming only does something straight forward, and I don't know how to improve the quality of the program.
We still need to go back to the root, and start learning from the underlying foundation. It's not enough time. Now, the more I find myself ignorant, the more I have to make great efforts!
I am so fond of cooking now, and I don't know the direction when I look at all the prawns. Come on!

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