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2.3.4 Photoshop Height = flash distance?

The remaining height is equal to the distance?

However, the height is measured in angle, but the distance is pixel, and the relationship does not seem to be pulled. But let's do the experiment: First try the height of Photoshop. In the process of adjustment, it is found that the thickness of the relief does not increase with the increase of height. I only feel that the light and shadows are moving in a subtle direction.

Figure 2.69 ~ Figure 2.75 shows the effects at different heights.



Figure 2.69 Height = 0 °


Figure 2.70 Height = 15 °


Figure 2.71 Height = 30 °


Figure 2.72 Height = 45 °


Figure 2.73 Height = 60 °


Figure 2.74 Height = 75 °


Figure 2.75 Height = 90 °

From 0 ~ 90 degrees, the area with the strongest light reflection gradually goes up to the inclined surface, to 90 degrees just coincide with the highest point of the inclined surface, because there is only one pixel left, so almost invisible.

From this perspective, we can understand it as the angle between light and the horizontal plane. Although I cannot give a strict mathematical proof, we can see some general trends in Figure 2.76. The red light is perpendicular to the inclined plane, and the light is the strongest. The height of the red line on the slope increases with the angle.

Figure 2.76 principle of relief height and Illumination

What is the distance in flash?

After adjustment, it is found that the translation is basically in progress, and there is no light at the root. (See Figure 2.77 ~ Figure 2.81)

Figure 2.77 distance = 1

Figure 2.78 distance = 2


Figure 2.79 distance = 3


Figure 2.80 distance = 4


Figure 2.81 distance = 5

Obviously, this is just a simple shift (is it the same concept as the projection distance ?), But I was surprised to find that when the distance is 3, the overall effect is a little close to that of Photoshop. And 3 is exactly equal to the fuzzy value. Is there a correlation between the two in Photoshop?

When I dragged the distance parameter, I accidentally found that when the distance was changed, there were two outlines that seemed to be the same as the text, and the light and shadows were staggered between the text. Slowly, I realized the composition of these two groups of things. The white group is used to construct the highlighted area, while the black one is composed of the shadow area.

Next, let's see if the size parameter of Photoshop is also changed?



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