IME-mode: Disabled disables text box input for forms

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Recently, a mobile phone project was launched. In the user input number form, users must be prohibited from entering Chinese characters and symbols to reduce the possibility of incorrect input. Later, they checked the information online, CSS attributes have such functions.


The IME-mode syntax is as follows:

IME-mode: auto | active | inactive | disabled

Valid value:

Auto: default value. The IME status is not affected. Same as when the ime-mode attribute is not specified

Active: Specify all characters entered using ime. Activate the local language input method. You can still cancel IME activation.

Inactive: specifies all characters that do not use ime. Activate a non-local language. You can still cancel IME activation.

Disabled: Completely disable ime. For controls with focus (such as input boxes), you cannot activate ime.


The global style is defined as follows:

. Ime-disabled {ime-mode: Disabled;}/* shielded Input Method */

The mobile phone recharge page is defined as follows:

<Input type = "text" name = "mobile" class = "ime-Disabled">



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