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The basic method of implementing a Web page layout is no more than a table and framework.

The above table has been the preliminary understanding, the following will say the framework, also known as the frame. In fact, the use of the framework to plan the Web page itself has great shortcomings, the first is not conducive to users better use of web resources, because people can not be online to see all the things over, and save up the shortcomings of the framework out, you will have to save the same two each time the same page.

We take some time to say that the problem may be good for everyone to use the framework better.

When using a frame layout: Take one of the simplest upper and lower frames as an example, the entire Web page contains two separate pages that will be saved or transferred to use separately, and the entire frames page will also be saved as one, and we use the framework when it is nothing more than to take advantage of the switching nature of his good content, At this time if the content of a Web page should be saved at the same time to save 3, is not very cost-effective.

Okay, now that you know.

Here's a stupid bear to start talking about how to make a Web page that contains frames.

1〉 in the editor:

File/new (or press CTRL + N), select the frame tag in the pop-up window, and then in the list below. Select the appropriate frame type.

2〉ok later, the Web page has become the framework of the structure, through their own framework frames you can choose to create new pages or import existing Web pages.

Setinitalpages (Import an existing page)

NewPage (Create a new page after clicking)

The basic framework structure of 3〉 has been established:

You should see how you can implement a toggle connection in the framework, because the three-part framework is the most representative of the frameworks, and each of these three parts has its own name.

Top banners: The first part of the page.

The left is the contents section.

To the right is the Body Display section. Main

4〉 then how to do it in the main window when you click on the connection, in the left side of the contents window to connect ctrl+k or Edit/hyperlink to complete, then you can in the diagram in the window to select the location of the connection opened.

such as: Main. And, of course, you can also set targets target properties.

However, when the frame content exceeds one screen, the scroll bar is added automatically. You can also set the Never show scroll bar.

Most of the properties can be right-click:

Found it in the frameproperties.

Well, I think the framework says, after all, it uses less.

If you pay attention. In addition to some personal websites, commercial formal websites rarely use frames.

But at some point the framework has its own advantages.

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