Implement echo to perform edge output

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$result = mysql_query ("select * from ' AA '");

while ($row = Mysql_fetch_array ($result))
$DJ = $row ["DJ"];
Echo $DJ;

$result = mysql_query ("select * from ' BB '");

while ($row = Mysql_fetch_array ($result))
$DJ = $row ["DJ"];
Echo $DJ;

Leased Ali server, the original can achieve the first select output and then execute the second select, after upgrading the server, now is all select to execute the unified query, so feel a bit of suspended animation state, how to achieve the original side execution side output Ah, I'm using PHP5.2. Is there a problem with the version?

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Is there no popularity in this forum now?

Maybe it's your previous configuration problem!
The general configuration is to wait for the page to finish running and then output, not finished output, saved in the buffer.
If you want to wait until you're done, you'll see the output can take out the contents of the buffer first.
Ob_flush;flush ();

Ob_flush (); flush ();

There is a roundabout way to write a file 1 2 3 4 5 Then the front-end Ajax goes to request to read the file in real-time output state.

At least the code you put out will not have the effect you describe (in any event, unless you hide something)

Force-Eject server-side buffering (Ob_flush, flush) is only valid for some servers and is browser-related

The??? of the system. We can.
Ob_flush ();
Flush ();
? Test:

Execute the program in a few seconds and then buffer the output, setting your server to a higher time-out

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